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    Let’s get this party started

    This looks really good! Drawing seems really hard
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    Hello Owner NekoSweets

    Hello Owner NekoSweets
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    Hi I’m Proxy :P

    Welcome to the forums!
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    The Future of LGBT Empire

    Hello everyone! We hope you have all been staying safe ever since the outbreak of COVID-19. We are very pleased to announce our current plans for updating LGBT Empire. It has undoubtedly been a long time coming, and we are at a point where we are able to finally update the server for all of...
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    Before Posting Player Reports

    Found someone breaking the rules? This is where you report them. All reports require evidence whether it be via screenshot or video (uploaded to YouTube). Reports that do not provide evidence will be automatically denied. We do not accept cropped screenshots, please include your full Minecraft...
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    Before Posting Punishment Appeals

    If you believe our staff members have punished you unfairly then this form allows you to appeal and have your punishment removed from your account. Appeal Template Please fill out the following form if you feel you have been punished unfairly. Your Username: Punishment you have been given...
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    Before Posting Bug Reports

    Found a bug on our server? Report it here and we’ll get onto fixing it as soon as we can! Bug Reports Template The bug: How to make the bug happen (step by step):
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    Before Posting Donation Issues

    Donated to the server recently and having some troubles? Maybe not receiving your rank? Here is the place to make a report and we’ll be happy to help. Donation Issues Template Fill out this template if you’re having issues: Your Username: Package(s) you’ve bought: What is the issue: Your...
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    Currently our servers are only for Java Edition but we will be looking into expanding in the...

    Currently our servers are only for Java Edition but we will be looking into expanding in the future to other platforms
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    we only play Fortnite

    we only play Fortnite
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    Meet the Staff Team!

    My IGN: YouthInRevolt Other names that I go by: Noah My age: 22 Where I am from: Australia Current position: Owner Languages I can speak/learning: English 5 facts about me: 1. I'm pansexual 2. I have around 20-30 budgies and 3 cats 3. I am the staff team's father 4. I have a...
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    Meet the Staff Team!

    Hey Gays! We have had a feeling that there is something needed to be created in order to connect the LGBT Empire team with the community more! As a staff member, it's our job to improve your experience on the Empire and to ensure that you run into no problems, and if you do, we can fix it...
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    Don’t you mean eggplant city

    Don’t you mean eggplant city
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    Where we landing boys?

    Where we landing boys?

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