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  1. CaseyLD

    Build Contest

    Build Contests Have Returned!! From now on, every month LGBT Empire will be hosting a build contest on the Survival server. This forum post will tell you everything you need to know. Septembers Theme: Autumn September 13 - October 3, 2020 *Dates might be extended* Where To Enter...
  2. CaseyLD

    Commands All Players Have Access To.

    Player Commands Playing on the server, you might wonder what commands you have access to as an unranked player. This page is to tell you just that, and what the commands actually do. Other command tutorial pages you might want to have a look at are the Claiming Land and Chest Locking Commands...
  3. CaseyLD

    Donation Ranks Perks and Command List

    Donation Ranks There are currently 4 donation ranks. Tall, Grande, Venti, and Trenta. Players are only able to get these ranks by buying them on the server store website Server Store To those of you who have bought ranks, or are planning on buying ranks, then all of us here on the server thanks...
  4. CaseyLD

    Claiming Land and Chest Locking Commands

    Claiming Land As you find a place to build on the server, you will be wanting to claim the land to protect it from griefers. To do this you will need a Golden Shovel. The shovel will be used to right-click opposite corners. This land will then be protected from other players. Something else to...
  5. CaseyLD

    How to Download Mizunos and the Addon Texture Packs!

    Here in LGBT Empire, a large majority of our players use the Mizuno texture packs. The CIT and Ghoulcraft packs allow players to decorate their homes with furniture! If you are looking to use the Mizunos texture packs and the addons, then here is what you need to know. First, you will need to...
  6. CaseyLD