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  1. bugdad

    Before Playing Halloween 2020 Event

    In continuation of our spooky activities this month, we’re happy to announce the start of our Halloween event! Open to the public on October 16th and concluding November 16th, you’ll be able to earn yourself some wicked cool exclusives as well as bragging rights for saving an entire settlement...
  2. bugdad

    Build Contest Halloween Haunting

    Hi V! You're absolutely right about the dates, but you're not at fault here. These changes were made so that the competition could flow alongside the rest of our events and we apologize for the lack of communication in that regard. You and any other player who started with the original date are...
  3. bugdad

    Build Contest September Placements

    It's with great pleasure that we finally bring you the results of our September Build Contest! Before getting started, we’d like to thank everyone for participating and putting their best foot forward with their Autumn themed builds. We hope you had as much fun creating these pieces as we did...