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  1. bugdad

    Ended July Placements

    Howdy hey and welcome to our July event results! Though the turnout was small, the candidates were stellar and we are so glad to get events back on the roster. As always, we’d like to thank everyone for participating and working hard to get those entries in, and we'd like to extend the thanks to...
  2. bugdad

    Ended Axolotl Dwellings

    August’s Theme Axolotl Dwellings August 1st - August 22nd, 2021 With the update to 1.17, we've seen a huge influx in axolotl admiration and while that's sweet, some of these fellas do not have proper housing! Whether that's pure negligence or due to the fact that they're still cave dwellers...
  3. bugdad

    Before Playing Shop Sign Tutorial

    Howdy hey! You've been thinking about opening up a shop, haven't you? It's a pretty easy task, but can become a bit confusing if you're not able to refer back to something. This page will cover the in's and out's of setting up shop signs on LGBT Empire. This tutorial will be left unlocked to...
  4. bugdad

    July Update

    Greetings! As you can see beside my buddy up there, there's about to be some changes on LGBT Empire. That's right. We're going to be updating to 1.17.1. In the past we've taken quite a bit of time to update in fear of losing performance points. Think back to 1.16. Six months. That was...
  5. bugdad

    Before Playing Changing Launcher Version

    For the most part, Minecraft is set to launch the most recent version of the game. This can be an issue for those trying to join the server seeing as though we're on 1.16.5 rather than its most recent update, 1.17. This page will go through how to adjust your launcher's version so that you can...
  6. bugdad

    Before Playing Colored Nicknames

    More often than not you'll see a user in chat with a username that is very colorful, whether it's a single hand-picked color to accompany our rank titles, or it's a personalized gradient created by the player themself. Explaining this in chat can be a feat due to the sheer size of some of this...
  7. bugdad

    Ended Cobblestone Creamery

    Build Contest July’s Theme Cobblestone Creamery July 11th - July 31st, 2021 Your skin is warmed, smelling like sunscreen, and you're almost sure that if you're not dying of those fumes, you'll succumb to the heat sooner or later. Water has only done so much... You've already finished your...
  8. bugdad

    Before Playing Empire Enchant Conflicts

    Similar to Vanilla enchantments, these custom enchantments we have added also have conflicts, most having multiple. This page will go over each enchantment with a conflict- though keep in mind that if an enchant is not on this list, that means it does not have a conflict. Searching through these...
  9. bugdad

    Before Playing Empire Enchants

    We've added an abundance of new enchants, and while that can be awesome, it can also be daunting. Most are not identifiable by name so this list exists to provide you some insight regarding what the enchant is applicable to, its max level, the type of enchant it is, and what it can do for you...
  10. bugdad

    Before Playing Donation Rank Commands

    In total, LGBT Empire has ten ranks, four of which are discontinued and six being brand new. This page will touch on all of our new ranks, their perks, and their commands. Any questions regarding the use of these commands can be directed to any member of our staff team, though are recommended to...
  11. bugdad

    Before Playing Retired Rank Commands

    In total, LGBT Empire has ten ranks, four of which are discontinued and six being brand new. This page will touch on all of our old ranks, their perks, and their commands. Tall Rank Retired Global Perks and Commands /nick — This command allows you to change your display name in chat...
  12. bugdad

    Before Playing Player Commands

    Need a little help getting comfortable with commands on LGBT Empire? This page goes over our most commonly used commands and what each of them does in game. These are accessible to all users regardless of rank, though some are notably different after donating. After checking this out, you may...
  13. bugdad

    Before Playing Claiming and Locking Commands

    To ensure your builds, or future builds, are protected, it's recommended you claim your land. This can be done using a golden shovel from /kit claim or one you’ve crafted yourself. Below is a list of commands to familiarize yourself with the ins and outs of this process. Claiming Commands 1...
  14. bugdad

    Ended October Placements

    Welcome back to our event results! This month's activities have wrapped up and we're really happy with what we got to see. As always, we’d like to thank everyone for participating and working hard to get those entries in. Between movie references, historical landmarks, and some sneaky, hidden...
  15. bugdad

    Ended Fairytale Affair

    Build Contest November's Theme Fairytale Affair November 2nd - November 30th, 2020 You open your mailbox to find a letter. It’s small, much smaller than any letter you’re used to receiving, but it is still legible. Upon opening said letter, you’re met with pressed flowers, a bag of tea, and a...
  16. bugdad

    Ended Halloween 2020 Event

    In continuation of our spooky activities this month, we’re happy to announce the start of our Halloween event! Open to the public on October 16th and concluding November 16th, you’ll be able to earn yourself some wicked cool exclusives as well as bragging rights for saving an entire settlement...
  17. bugdad

    Ended September Placements

    It's with great pleasure that we finally bring you the results of our September Build Contest! Before getting started, we’d like to thank everyone for participating and putting their best foot forward with their Autumn themed builds. We hope you had as much fun creating these pieces as we did...

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