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Before Playing Alchema Tutorial

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Alchema Tutorial

integrates the world of brewery, witchcraft and magic with Minecraft without being intrusive on the vanilla feel of the game.
It allows players to craft items using a cauldron filled with water that's been lit with some heat source and a select handful of ingredients.

Bubbling Cauldron

Under the following conditions, a cauldron will begin to bubble:
  • A source of heat is ignited below the cauldron.
  • Water is present in the cauldron and filled to its maximum.
  • A little bit of patience. The cauldron takes (by default) 5 seconds to start bubbling
Such that all of the above conditions are met, the cauldron will bubble indefinitely and allows players to begin the process of crafting items exclusively through the cauldron.

Cauldron Crafting

Dropping an item inside of a boiling cauldron will consume it and will become an ingredient in the cauldron. Throw in enough items of the right type and the cauldron will begin to craft automatically without any input from the player.

Accidentally drop something into the cauldron that you didn't want to lose? Have extra ingredients that you can't get back? The cauldron remembers the exact item you dropped into it (even across server restart) and you can retrieve any remaining ingredients by either collecting the water from the cauldron, removing the source of heat, or destroying the cauldron in the world (though be careful with the heat source underneath).

Alchema provides 48 recipes. They are as follows:
  • 1x Beetroot: 1x beetroot seeds + 1x bone meal
  • 1x Wheat: 1x wheat seeds + 1x bone meal
  • 1x Pumpkin: 1x pumpkin seeds + 2x bone meal
  • 1x Melon: 1x melon seeds + 2x bone meal
  • 1x Wheat: 1x wheat seeds + 1x bone meal
  • 1x Beetroot Soup: 1x bowl + 4x beetroot
  • 1x Mushroom Stew: 1x bowl + 1x brown + 1x red mushroom
  • 1x Rabbit Stew: 1x bowl + 1x brown/red mushroom + 1x cooked rabbit + 1x baked potato
  • 4x Glow Berries: 4x sweet berries + 1x glowstone dust
  • 1x Coal Ore: 2x coal + 1x stone
  • 1x Diamond Ore: 3x diamond + 1x stone
  • 1x Emerald Ore: 3x emerald + 1x stone
  • 1x Gold Ore: 2x gold + 1x stone
  • 1x Iron Ore: 2x iron + 1x stone
  • 1x Copper Ore: 2x copper + 1x stone
  • 1x Lapis Ore: 6x lapis lazuli + 1x stone
  • 1x Redstone Ore: 6x redstone + 1x stone
  • 2x Fermented Spider Eye: 1x spider eye + 1x brown mushroom + 1x sugar
  • 2x Glowstone Dust: 1x coal + 1x redstone
  • 8x Concrete: 8x concrete powder + 1x gravel (all 16 variants)
  • 1x Emerald: 500 villager essence + 1 diamond
  • 1x Blaze Rod: 50 blaze essence + 1 stick
  • 1x Ghast Tear: 250 ghast essence + 1 iron nugget
  • 2x Gunpowder: 50 creeper essence + 1 redstone
  • 1x Ink Sac: 25 squid essence + 1 black dye
  • 1x Glow Ink Sac: 50 squid essence + 1 glowstone
  • 3x Leather: 250 cow essence + 4 rotten flesh
  • 2x Turtle Egg: 100 turtle essence + 1 egg
  • 1x Heart of the Sea: 250 dolphin essence + 4 nautilus shells
  • 4x Honeycomb: 1 honey bottle + 1 sugar
  • 8x Gravel: 8 cobblestone + 1 flint
  • 8x Sand: 8 gravel + 1 flint
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