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    Application Form

    Minecraft Username: ZackTheSunshine
    Previous Username(s): InfinityWayvern (for about 2 days)
    Discord Username/Numbers: featherdaydream#5153
    Timezone and Country: Eastern Standard (EDT) United States
    Age: 23
    Referral from a current staff member (Must include screenshots):
    Are you able to record and upload to Youtube: I am able to upload videos to youtube. My computer hasn't done well with recording software in the past, but I am willing to try again if someone suggests a good recording software. I am also looking at getting a newer, better laptop by the end of this month or next.
    Past Punishments: None
    Why are you applying?: I really enjoy the community and I want to be able to participate and help make it a safe place for everyone else!
    Any past experiences?: I was the leader of a club for a mobile game, with an additional organized discord. I kept up to date with everything going on and made sure everyone was being respectful and following rules. I was very lenient and understanding with people and tried to talk to them and warn them. But when it came down to it, I was able to put my foot down.
    Scenario Questions

    1. Your friend is asking you to spawn in some items for them. What do you say?
    I politely decline. As a member of staff, I have to be friendly with players, but keep personal relationships separate. I will direct them towards stores or other players, but just because they're my friend doesn't mean they get special treatment.
    2. You see a few of our players having a disagreement. How do you approach this situation?
    It depends on what the disagreement is about. If it is personal opinions that have turned heated, I would remind them to respect other's opinions or tell them that the topic is not appropriate for the server and to drop the subject. If it is something within the server, (i.e. item or land dispute) I would work with the players to find a compromise.
    3. You notice another staff member abusing their permissions in some way. What do you do next?
    I would get screenshots as proof, if possible, and bring it up to a higher staff member, or Noah directly if the situation calls for it
    4. Somebody is asking you a question in chat but you don’t know the answer. What is your next step?
    Let them know that I don't know the answer, but I will contact a member of staff who does right away and get back with them as soon as possible.
    5. You have punished someone on the server, they're now calling you abusive. How do you react?
    Remain calm and impartial. Don't give them any fuel to use against me. I would explain my reasoning behind punishing them further, and if they continued on I would contact a higher member of staff.
    6. Something has happened on the server and everyone is spamming and freaking out. What do you do?
    Contact a mod, admin, or other senior staff immediately, before things get worse. Meanwhile I will try to calm the chat, let everyone know that the situation will be handled quickly. In the presence of trolls, they will be muted under reasonable circumstances to avoid anymore instigations among the chat.

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