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Discussion in 'Punishment Appeals' started by hannahjuice, Jul 10, 2019 at 12:43 PM.

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    Your Username: hannahjuice (now heterohannah)

    Punishment you have been given: Perm Ban

    Did you break this rule?: Yes

    Your defense: I was joking about being nbphobic. I apologize for taking things too far and I realize that I should be careful about what I say. I support everyone in the LGBT community. I learned a lesson from this and I will not joke about the things that I did. I just got defensive when people on the server were starting to insult me for saying the things I did.

    Any extra comments or supporting evidence: I think that I should be given another chance. The words I said do not reflect my beliefs. The player, Juuliard, was a witness to what happened when I was banned and he thinks that I was punished unfairly.
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    Hello, Hannah!
    After discussing your appeal with the rest of the staff, I have decided to deny your appeal. The comments you made were no joke at all, and you sounded serious about it in chat. To put it in a better perspective, if someone had said these comments about a binary trans person, they would have been punished just as severely. We hope that you learn from this experience and educate yourself about what material is truly a joking matter.
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