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Before Playing Claiming and Locking Commands


To ensure your builds, or future builds, are protected, it's recommended you claim your land. This can be done using a golden shovel from /kit claim or one you’ve crafted yourself. Below is a list of commands to familiarize yourself with the ins and outs of this process.

Claiming Commands
1. /abandonclaim
Using this command when standing in a claim of yours will remove the claim and return the blocks to you.

2. /claimexplosions
While TNT is disabled server-wide, you can enable it on your own claim for your own use.

3. /trust <player>
Trusting a player allows them to build within your claim.

4. /untrust <player>
Use this command to remove a player from your claim.

5. /accesstrust <player>
Alongside allowing a player to build, you can use this command to give a player permissions to use buttons, doors, and levers in the claim.

6. /containertrust <player>
This command grants player permission to use your buttons, levers, beds, crafting tables, containers, and animals.

7. /trustlist
This command will provide a list in chat of all the players on your claim and what permissions they have.

8. /subdivideclaims
This will change your golden shovel from claim mode to subdivision mode, allowing you to divide the claim.

9. /basicclaims
After using the division mode, this puts your golden shovel back into claim mode.

10. /permissiontrust
Using this command will grant a player permission to share their permission list with others.

11. /untrust all
This command quickly removes all permissions from players on your plot.

12. /abandonallclaims
This command deletes all claims regardless of world position.

13. /claimslist
Using this command will provide you with a list of information, including all claims, their coordinates, and how many blocks they use.

Chest Lock Commands
All chests, barrels, signs, doors, dispensers, droppers, furnaces, and gates will automatically lock when you place them.
Until allowed by you, all of these locked containers will remain inaccessible to other users.

1. /cprivate or /lock
This command allows you to manually lock a container or door. This command is really only necessary if said container or door is already unlocked, as they lock manually upon placement. You should not be locking doors and chests that do not already belong to you.

2. /cmodify <player>
To add a player to your locked containers, you will need to add them manually by using this command and then left-clicking said container.

3. /cremove or /unlock
Using this command and then left-clicking the container will lift all claims and allow all users access.

4. /cinfo
Left-clicking after using this command will provide information regarding the protection.

5. /cpublic
To allow an item to become available to the public, you must use this command and left-click the unlocked container.

6. /cdonation
Using this command will create a donation chest where players can provide items, but only the owner of the container can remove them.

7. /cpersist
To continuously use a command like /lock or /cmodify without entering it every time before left-clicking, enter /cpersist after the desired command to enable this function. Using /cpersist again will disable persist mode.

1. /buyclaimblocks
This command allows you to purchase claim blocks using in-game currency.
1 claim block : $10 in-game currency.

2. /sellclaimblocks
You may sell claim blocks using this command.
1 claim block : $1 in-game currency.

3. /givepet <player>
You may gift tamable pets to other users using this command.

4. /ignore <player>
This command allows you to mute another player in chat.

5. /unignore <player>
To lift the /ignore command, you’ll have to send this manually.

6. /ignoredplayerlist
In case you’ve forgotten who you’ve ignored, this list will provide each IGN.

7. /trapped
Have you fallen and you can’t get up? Perhaps you’re trapped in a claim? Using this command will pop you out of the compromised space.

Any questions regarding the use of these commands can be directed to any member of our staff team, though are recommended to be kept below this post for future user access and logging purposes.

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