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Ended Cobblestone Creamery

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Build Contest

July’s Theme
Cobblestone Creamery
July 11th - July 31st, 2021

Your skin is warmed, smelling like sunscreen, and you're almost sure that if you're not dying of those fumes, you'll succumb to the heat sooner or later. Water has only done so much... You've already finished your bottles, what else could quell the warmth before it toasts you from the inside out? And that's when it hits you. Ice cream.

Maybe dairy isn't your friend but we're not judging. All we want to see is where you're getting treats from. Whether it's a truck, a little stand in front of a neighbors house, or a Dairy Queen spoof- we want your recommendations!

For July's contest, you’ve been prompted to create an ice cream shop with the intent to sell LGBT Empire's Summer Treats! You must use one of each treat, no limitations with those additions otherwise. The rules below will cover our typical contest restrictions.

1. You are free to use any blocks you'd like, any CIT included, as long as you make sure to list off add-ons in your entry's post.
2. You cannot build in groups. If caught working with anyone, any member involved will be disqualified.
3. Do not plagiarize someone else's build. This includes copying a video tutorial for more than 50% of your build. References are just fine!
4. Do not build larger than 32x32 blocks. You may build from bedrock to height limit if you wish.
5. Voting is based on the images provided. You are limited to 5 photos. Videos and GIFs do not count.
6. Do not start building before the date provided.
7. Follow the theme stated above.

All server rules apply, and just like those, our contest rules are subject to change when and if deemed suitable. It is up to you to keep track if you plan on participating. The breaking of any rule will result in immediate disqualification and depending on the severity, you may no longer be allowed to participate in any future contests under Empire.

LGBT Empire staff members and Builders are not permitted to enter.


First Place

2 Legendary Crate Keys, 1 Spawner Crate Key, 1 Gamble Crate Key, an Empire hat, and $50,000 IGC.

Second Place
1 Legendary Crate key, 2 Epic Crate Keys, 1 Gamble Crate Key, and $25,000 IGC.

Third Place
1 Epic Crate Key, 2 Rare Crate Keys, 2 Vote Crate keys and $10,000 IGC.

5 Vote Crate keys and $2,500 IGC.

To enter, please leave a comment using the following template.

Build Description:

If you have any questions, feel free to ask by replying down below!​


Username: owsies
Coordinates: -2292 / 63 / -20343
Build Description: an ice cream shop separated into two parts :]

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