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Before Playing Colored Nicknames

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More often than not you'll see a user in chat with a username that is very colorful, whether it's a single hand-picked color to accompany our rank titles, or it's a personalized gradient created by the player themself. Explaining this in chat can be a feat due to the sheer size of some of this, as well as the formatting not displaying easily. Here you'll find a guide to show you how to use both Minecraft's color codes, accessible at Artemis, and HEX codes, accessible starting Athena.

Starting with Minecraft color codes, this limits you to about 10 different codes. The red and dark red color codes are not permitted due to those being reserved for members of Management.

1. Find the color codes you want.
Colors, as stated before, are limited, but they can be found here.

2. Begin formatting your new nickname.
Whether you're in your notes app or a spare Discord channel, you'll want to begin creating the nickname somewhere safe to copy and paste. You'll start with entering an '&' followed by the letter or number that corresponds to the color.

3. Repeat!
You can add as many color codes as there are letters in your nickname!

An example of a finished result could look like this.
  • &9&lDARKO
  • &a&lbug&d&ldad
  • &cb&6u&eg&ad&3a&d

Next we'll get into HEX code. This will be a lot more detailed than the other codes shown above, but the end result is most definitely worth it. Your colors are practically unlimited, though do be sure to take accessibility into consideration! Your name needs to be legible in chat and cannot use any red color codes as those are reserved for members of Management.

1. Find the colors you want to use.
Whether you're using a gradient creator, a color picker, or a HEX wheel, you'll want to start looking into color options.

1.5. Check your colors using a contrast checker.
This step, though optional, is more than helpful to make sure all users can read your nickname. You can paste the color code in the foreground color box and change the background color to #292929 to emulate the darkness of the chat box. If you have any fails, it's best to choose new colors. Colors like black, true blue, true red, and true yellow are examples of what are not permitted. To access the contrast checker, click here.

2. Begin formatting your new nickname.
Similar to the previous tutorial, it's recommended that you open a space where you can copy and paste freely without worrying about accidentally sending your WIP.

To begin, start with '&' and follow it with your first code.
  • &#fafa6e
Now, if you want this bolded, you'll add '&l' before adding your first letter, like so.
  • #fafa6e&l
You'll add your first letter after the codes and continue on from there, adding each color after without spaces. You will have to add the formatting code before each letters as well.

A final result with color codes will be significantly longer than it would be without. Here are examples of a nickname using color codes.
  • &#f9d0d0&ll&#febdbd&lo&#ffaaa9&lv&#ff9694&le&#ff827f&lb&#ff6d6a&lu&#ff5555&g
  • &#5bd75f&lb&#83e080&lu&#a5e89f&lg&#c4f0bf&ld&#e2f8df&la&#ffffff&ld
  • &#c33039&lb&#d5605d&lu&#e58982&lg&#f1b0aa&ld&#fad7d4&la&#ffffff&ld
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