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Commands All Players Have Access To.


Apr 23, 2019
Toronto, Canada
Player Commands
Playing on the server, you might wonder what commands you have access to as an unranked player. This page is to tell you just that, and what the commands actually do.
Other command tutorial pages you might want to have a look at are the Claiming Land and Chest Locking Commands page, and the
Donation Ranks Perks and Commands page.
Once we have newer servers added, and not just the Survival server, then we will be expanding this page but for now, we will stick to all survival commands that every player has access to.
Of course, as stated above, all players have access to the commands on the Claiming Land and Chest Locking Commands page. Here are some of the other commands that all players have access to.
Basic Commands

/AuctionHouse OR /AH - Gives you access to the Auction House, where you can buy things from other players
/AuctionHouse Sell (Price) OR /AH Sell (Price) - Sells the item on the Auction House where other players can buy from.
/Balance OR /Bal - Checks your current balance on the server.
/BalanceTop OR /BalTop - Checks the top player balances on the server.
/Bio (Playername) - Sees the specified players bio.
/DelHome (Home Name) - Deletes the specified home that you typed. You can find this and more commands on the linked tutorial page above.
/Discord - Gives you a link to the Discord.
/Donate - Gives you the link to our donation site where you can buy ranks and perks.
/EmojiChat List - Gives you a gui list of all the emoji codes that you can put into chat.
/FeatherBoard (on/off) OR /FB (on/off) - Turns the sidebar on your screen on of off.
/Help - Lists available commands on the server, which you can view if you prefer to view it in-game.
/Kit (Starter, Claim, Munchies) - Gives you the kit of one of those following names.
/Lay - Lays your character down. Shift to undo.
/LinkAccount - Start the process to link your Minecraft account to your account on this website.
/List - Lists everyone online the server you are on.
/Mail Send (Playername) (Message) - Sends a player mail in-game that they can view the next time they are online.
/Mail Read - Reads all messages sent to you in-game.
/Mail Clear - Clears your mail inbox.
/Msg (Playername) (Message) - Sends a message to that player in-game, the player must be in-game for it to work.
/Pay (Playername) (Amount) - Pays that player the amount specified. Only works if you have that balance in your bank.
/Playtime (Player) - Lists how long that player has spend in game on that server.
/Realname (Nickname) - Checks the player's real name by typing in the nickname that is shown in chat.
/Rules - Lists the servers rules.
/SetBio (Gender) (Orientation) (Pronouns) - Sets your bio.
/Seen (Playername) - Shows the last time a particular player was online.
/Sit - Sits your player down. Shift to undo.
/Tags - Shows all available tags you can choose from.
/Vote - Gives links to the voting sites.
/VP Claim - Claims all vote keys that you would have received, but weren't in-game when you voted.
/Whisper (Player) (Message) - Like a /msg.

Teleport Related Commands

/Back - Teleports you to the last place you teleported out of or last place you died.
/Homes - Lists all your current homes. You can find this and more commands on the linked tutorial page above.
/Home (Home Name) - Teleports you to the specified home name. You can find this and more commands on the linked tutorial page above.
/RTP - Teleports you to a random spot in the world.
/Sethome (Home Name) - Sets a /home at the location you set the command at. You can find this and more commands on the linked tutorial page above.
/Spawn - Teleports you to spawn
/TPA (Playername) - Sends a request to the player asking if you can teleport to them.
/TPAccept OR /TPYes - Accepts a teleport request.
/TPAHere (Playername) - Sends a request to the player asking if you can teleport to them.
/TPACancel (Playername) - Cancels a teleport request that you sent to that particular player.
/TPDeny OR /TPNo - Denies a teleport request that was sent to you.
/Warps - Lists all the available warps set for different towns and server related things.
/Warp (Warp Name) - Teleports you to the specified warp.

Marry Commands

These commands allow you to marry other players on the server. You can marry as many people as you wish.

/Marry List - Lists all married players.
/Marry Marry (Player) - Sends a marry request to that player.
/Marry Divorce (Playername) - Divorces specified player.
/Marry Chat (Message) - Private shat your partner.
/Marry Chat SetTarget (Playername / All) - Private chats one specified partner or all online spouses.
/Marry ChatToggle - Toggles your chat to be private with your partner.
/Marry TP (Playername) - Teleports to your partner.
/Marry Home (Playername) - Teleports to set marry home.
/Marry Sethome (Playername) - Sets your marry home.
/Marry Delhome (Playername) - Deletes your marry home.
/Marry Gift (Playername) - Sends the item in your hand to your partner.
/Marry Kiss - Kisses your partner.
/Marry Hug - Hugs your partner.
/Marry Seen (Playername) - Shows the last time your partner was online.
/Marry Help - Shows all available marry commands and their descriptions.

Jobs Commands

These commands give you another way to earn money on the server. When joining a job you can do numerous tasks such as mining blocks, placing blocks, making potions, killing mobs, etc. to earn you money on the server.

When (Jobname) is typed, It means one of the following Jobs.

Builder, Miner, Woodcutter, Digger, Farmer, Hunter, Explorer, Crafter, Fisherman, Weaponsmith, Brewer, Enchanter.


/Jobs - Checks available job commands.
/Jobs Browse - Browses through all available jobs.
/jobs Join (Jobname) - Joins the selected job.
/Jobs leave (Jobname) - Leaves specified job.
/Jobs LeaveAll - Leaves all jobs you have.
/Jobs Top (Jobname) - Lists top players for that specified job.
/Jobs Stats (Playername) - Checks the stats for the specified player.
/Jobs Info (Job) (Action) - Lists how much you make for each specified action in that job.
MCMMO Commands
There's a lot to know about the MCMMO plugin, this section will cover as much possible.
When (Skill) is typed, it means to put one of the following Skills.
Combat Skills: Archery, Axes, Swords, Taming, Unarmed.
Gathering Skills: Excavations, Fishing, Herbalism, Mining, Woodcutting.
Misc Skills: Acrobatics, Alchemy, Repair, Salvage, Smelting.

Basic MCMMO Commands
/MCMMO Help - Lists all available MCMMO commands.
/MCStats - Checks your MCMMO stats.
/(Skill) - Checks the information about that skill.
/McTop - Lists the top leveled players in all of MCMMO skills.
/McTop (Skill) - Lists the top leveled player in that particular MCMMO skill.
/Inspect (Playername) - Checks other players levels in MCMMO.
/MCAbility - Toggles whether or not you can activate abilities with right-click.
/McCooldown - Shows the cooldowns of all your MCMMO abilities.
/MCNotify - Toggles MCMMO abilites chat display notifications on/off.
/MCScoreboard - Manage your MCMMO Scoreboard.
MCMMO Party Commands
/Party Create (Name) - Creates a new party with that chosen name.
/Party Create (Name) (Password) - Creates a party and sets a password for it as well.
/Party Disband - Disbands the party, only works if you created the party.
/Party Join (Playername) - Joins that players MCMMO party.
/Party Quit - Leaves the party you are currently in.
/Party Chat (Message) OR /PC (Message) - Messages in the party chat you are currently in.
/Party Invite (Playername) - Invites that player to your party.
/Party Accept - Accepts a party invite.
/Party Teleport (Player) OR /PTP (Player) - Teleports to that member of your MCMMO party.
/Party Leader (Playername) - Transfers the party leader to that particular player.
/Party XPShare - Shares MCMMO XP with other party members.
/Party Lock - Locks your party so no other players can join.
/Party Unlock - Unlocks your party so other players can join.
/Party Password (Password) - Creates a password for your party, so no player can join unless they have the password.

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