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    Hey everyone!

    As mentioned a few hours ago in our Discord server, we've been working on re-opening
    the creative server as a gift to you guys for Pride Month!

    So, what's coming up in the new Creative server?

    New Spawn
    A huge thank you to our Moderator MissGhouls for building this beautiful new spawn for us.

    Connecting to Creative
    To connect to the server you'll need to be using 1.14.2. you won't be able to join survival
    unless you change back to 1.13.2, this will hopefully change in the next few days.

    Player Perks
    As a regular player on our server everyone will have access to 2 player plots and
    a few world edit commands. The world edit commands you'll definitely have access to
    are wand, set, copy, paste, undo and redo.

    Survival Donators
    If you have previously bought a rank here at LGBT Empire your rank will be transferred to
    the creative server. All donators have access to a few more world edit commands and
    will be able to claim more plots.

    Note: Creative is still new so if you find any bugs please make a bug report on the forums!
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