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Before Playing Empire Enchants

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We've added an abundance of new enchants, and while that can be awesome, it can also be daunting. Most are not identifiable by name so this list exists to provide you some insight regarding what the enchant is applicable to, its max level, the type of enchant it is, and what it can do for you. The list below is organized by rank. This is because, without ranks, these enchantments are unobtainable unless you purchase them off of a ranked user or find yourself lucky when trading with a villager.

  • Demeter is limited to their assigned color.
  • Hestia has access to Demeter alongside their assigned enchants.
  • Artemis has access to Hestia and Demeter alongside their assigned enchants.
  • Poseidon has access to Demeter, Hestia, and Artemis with their assigned enchants.
  • Athena has access to Demeter, Hestia, Artemis, and Poseidon alongside their assigned enchants.
  • Zeus has access to every enchant below them as well as their own locked enchants.
You can find these enchant's conflicts here!

Any questions regarding these enchants can be directed to any member of our staff team, though are recommended to be kept here for future user access and logging purposes.


Demeter Enchants
NameMax LevelTypeItemsDescription
Clouds Artifact1NormalSwords, Tools, & ElytraCreates cloud particles
Dust Artifact1NormalSwords, Tools, & ElytraCreates dust particles
Nether Artifact1NormalSwords, Tools, & ElytraCreates nether particles
Ash Artifact1NormalSwords, Tools, & ElytraCreates white ash particles
Witch Artifact1NormalSwords, Tools, & ElytraCreates witch particles
Chopless6NormalArmorReduces damage dealt by axes
Pacify5NormalTridentsIncreases damage against creepers
Spearfishing4NormalTridentsChance of dropping fish near tridenting water
Puncture6NormalTridentsTrident deals additional damage to shelled mobs
Abattoir5NormalTridentsIncreases damage against passive mobs
Butchering5NormalSwords & AxesIncreases damage against passive mobs
Defusion5NormalSwords & AxesIncreases damage against creepers
Dweller3NormalSwords & AxesIncreases damage against illagers
Nether Infusion6NormalSwordsIncreases damage dealt in the nether
Paladin3NormalSwordsIncreases damage dealt when riding a horse
Parry4NormalSwordsReduces incoming damage when holding item
Horde4NormalSwordsIncreases damage dealt the more mobs are nearby
End Infusion6NormalSwordsIncreases damage dealt in the end
Reel2NormalFishing rodPulls entities towards you
Slaughter5NormalBowsIncreases damage against passive mobs
Settle5NormalBowsIncreases damage against creepers
Quadrilateralism7NormalBows & CrossbowsIncreases damage dealt against slimes and magma cubes
Enderism6NormalBows & CrossbowsIncreases damage dealt in the end
Sickening2NormalBows & CrossbowsChance of nauseating your opponent
Defender1NormalBows & CrossbowsPrevents damaging your own pets
Stamina4NormalBootDecreases hunger loss while sprinting
Slicing8NormalElytraDamages entities when flown through
Telekinesis1NormalTools, Weapons, & RangedDrops and XP go directly into your inventory
Soulbound1SpecialEverythingKeep this item on death
Farmhand2NormalHoeTill blocks around initial blocks


Hestia Enchants
NameMax LevelTypeItemDescription
Fire Artifact1NormalSwords, Tools, & ElytraCreates fire particles
Magic Artifact1NormalSwords, Tools, & ElytraCreates magic particles
Redstone Artifact1NormalSwords, Tools, & ElytraCreates redstone dust particles
Lime Artifact1NormalSwords, Tools, & ElytraCreates lime green particles
Tear Artifact1NormalSwords, Tools, & ElytraCreates obsidian tear particles
Grit3NormalArmorDamages your opponent's armor
Forcefield2NormalArmorDamages all nearby monsters
Void Affinity5NormalTridentIncreases damage dealt in the end
Arachnid5NormalTridentIncreases damage against spiders
Beheading3NormalSword & AxeChance of getting a mob or player head
Cubism7NormalSwordIncreases damage against slime and magma cubes
Ender Slayer5NormalSwordIncreases damage against end mobs
Energizing3SpecialToolsReceive a short burst of haste after breaking a block
Confusion4SpecialSwordChance to shuffle your opponent's hotbar
Fire Affinity7NormalSwordIncreases damage dealt when on fire
First Strike5NormalSwordIncreases damage dealt when entity is on max health
Toxic2NormalSwordChance to apply poison to your opponent
Necrotic4NormalSwordWither skeletons have a higher chance to drop skulls
Paralyze6NormalShieldChance to give your attacker mining fatigue
Revenant5NormalBowIncreases damage against undead mobs
Insecticide5NormalBowIncreases damage against spiders
Buckshot2NormalBowShoots multiple arrows spread out
Netheric6NormalBow & CrossbowIncreases damage dealt in the nether
Blind6NormalBow & CrossbowChance of blinding your opponent
Levitate2NormalBow & CrossbowChance of applying flight to your opponent
Ice Shot3NormalBow & CrossbowChance of freezing your opponent
Graceful6NormalBootsChance of getting slow falling just above hitting the ground
Reinforcement4NormalElytraReduces incoming damage
Arborist4NormalShears & AxeGet more sticks, apples, and saplings from leaves
Disable3NormalAxeChance of giving your opponent extreme mining fatigue
Parasitic6NormalRangedHeals a portion of damage dealt


Artemis Enchants
NameMax LevelTypeItemDescription
Music Artifact1NormalSwords, Tools, & ElytraCreates music particles
Smoke Artifact1NormalSwords, Tools, & ElytraCreates smoke particles
Snow Artifact1NormalSwords, Tools, & ElytraCreates snow particles
Water Artifact1NormalSwords, Tools, & ElytraCreates water particles
Crimson Artifact1NormalSwords, Tools, & ElytraCreates crimson particles
Shot Assist6NormalArmorDeal more damage with arrows when wearing
Rejuvenation2NormalArmorIncreases natural regeneration speed
Extinguishing3NormalArmorChance to remove fire after fire damage
Hellish6NormalTridentIncreases damage dealt in the nether
Phantasm5NormalTridentIncreases damage dealt against undead mobs
Stab5NormalTridentIncreases trident melee damage
Abrasion2NormalSword & AxeDamages your opponent's armor
Water Aspect2NormalSword & AxeIncreases damage dealt against fiery mobs and endermen
Criticals3NormalSword & AxeIncreases critical damage
Instantaneous7NormalToolsChance of instantly breaking blocks
Stone Switcher6NormalPickaxeBreaking stone can drop a variant
Supercritical3NormalSwordSmall chance to deal extreme damage
Nocturnal6NormalSwordIncreases damage dealt at night
Vampire Aspect2NormalSwordChance to apply wither to your opponent
Dullness3NormalSwordChance of giving your opponent weakness
Famine8NormalSwordChance of giving your opponent hunger
Spiked3NormalFishing rodHooking onto an entity will damage it
Flinch6NormalShieldChance to blind your opponent
Triple Shot1NormalBowShoot 3 arrows
Shockwave3NormalBowDamage entities the arrow flies near
Rage5NormalBowChance of angering nearby monsters towards your opponent
Succession1NormalBowShoots multiple arrows in a burst
Boss Hunter8NormalBow & CrossbowIncreases damage against bosses
Marksman1NormalBow & CrossbowRemoves arrow-drop
Liquid Shot5NormalBow & CrossbowIncreases damage against fiery mobs and enderman
Free Runner6NormalBootsChance to not take fall damage
Fetching1NormalHelmetDrops and XP from wolf kills go directly into your inventory
Block Breather3NormalHelmetChance to ignore suffocation damage
Kinetic6NormalElytraReduces damage taken when flying into a wall
Economical4NormalElytraChance to not consume fireworks while boosting (Requires paper!)
Wisdom3NormalTools, Weapons, & RangedIncreases dropped XP
Cleave8NormalAxeDamages all entities around attacked entity


Poseidon Enchants
NameMax LevelTypeItemDescription
Emerald Artifact1NormalSwords, Tools, & ElytraCreates emerald particles
Enchant Artifact1NormalSwords, Tools, & ElytraCreates enchantment particles
Ink Artifact1NormalSwords, Tools, & ElytraCreates ink particles
Magma Artifact1NormalSwords, Tools, & ElytraCreates magma particles
Warped Artifact1NormalSwords, Tools, & ElytraCreates warped particles
Thrive2NormalArmorIncreases maximum health
Evasion3NormalArmorChance to evade incoming damage
Preservation4NormalArmorMassively reduces incoming damage
Splash5NormalTridentDamages entities near where trident lands but does not drop experience
Extract6NormalTridentHeals a portion of damage dealt
Aquatic8NormalTridentTrident deals additional damage when shot from water
Serrated5NormalTridentTrident deals additional damage
Annihilate2SpecialSword & AxeExtreme knockback
Protector1NormalSword & AxePrevents damaging your own pets
Grapple2NormalSword & AxePulls entities toward you
Backstab3NormalSword & AxeIncreases damage when behind opponent
Oxygenate 8NormalToolsGain oxygen when breaking blocks under water
Transfuse7NormalPickaxeBreaking stone can drop as a random ore
Goliath8NormalSwordIncreases damage against entities with more health than you
Water Affinity7NormalSwordIncreases damage dealt when in water
Proximity5NormalSwordIncreases damage when closer to opponent
Voltage5NormalSwordIncreases damage dealt against opponents with iron, gold or chain armor
Frenzy3SpecialSwordGives strength after killing an entity.
Deflection6NormalShieldRebounds some incoming damage back to your attacker
Collateral4NormalBowArrows can go through entities
Hook2NormalBowPulls entities towards you
Finality5NormalBowChance to instantly kill entities on low health
Ignite8NormalBow & CrossbowChance to light hit block on fire
Venom6NormalBow & CrossbowChance of withering your opponent
Corrosive2NormalBow & CrossbowDamages your opponents armor
Radiance4NormalBow & CrossbowCauses entities to glow near where the arrow lands
Cerebral8NormalBow & CrossbowIncreases damage on headshots
Tectonic2NormalBootsDamages nearby entities when taking fall damage
Sating6NormalHelmetReduces hunger loss
Launch8NormalElytraFireworks give a short burst of extreme speed
Lumberjack6NormalAxesInstantly cut down entire trees
Indestructability3SpecialEverythingMassively increases item durability
Lucky Catch3NormalFishing RodsChance to double fishing drops


Athena Enchants
NameMax LevelTypeItemDescription
Damage Artifact1NormalSwords, Tools, & ElytraCreates damage particles
Dragon Artifact1NormalSwords, Tools, & ElytraCreates dragon particles
End Artifact1NormalSwords, Tools, & ElytraCreates end rod particles
Lava Artifact1NormalSwords, Tools, & ElytraCreates lava particles
Soul Artifact1NormalSwords, Tools, & ElytraCreates soul particles
Frozen6NormalArmorChance to give your attacker slowness
Incandescence2NormalArmorLight your attacker on fire
Arcanic6NormalArmorChance to ignore potion damage
Cranial8NormalTridentIncreases damage on headshots
Conclude5NormalTridentChance to instantly kill entities on low health
Atmospheric 3NormalTridentIncreases trident damage when you are in air
Tornado2NormalSword & AxeKnocks your opponent into the air
Leeching6NormalSword & AxeHeals a portion of damage dealt
Infernal Touch1NormalPickaxeAutomatically smelt mined blocks
Vein5NormalPickaxeMines blocks in a vein
Finishing5NormalSwordChance to instantly kill entities on low health
Bleed7NormalSwordCauses your opponent to bleed, damaging them repeatedly
Fury7NormalSwordChance of angering nearby monsters towards your opponent
Diurnal6NormalSwordIncreases damage dealt at daytime
Weakening4NormalSwordIncreases subsequent damage dealt to opponent
Identify2NormalShieldChance to give your attacker glowing
Pentashot1SpecialBowShoots 5 arrows
Rapid6NormalBowIncreases bow pull speed
Instability3SpecialBowExplosive arrows
Aerial3NormalBow & CrossbowIncreases arrow damage when you are in air
Wound7NormalBow & CrossbowCauses your opponent to bleed, damaging them repeatedly
Marking4NormalBow & CrossbowIncreases subsequent damage dealt to opponent
Streamlining8SpecialBootsIncreases movement speed
Magma Walker2NormalBootsTurns lava beneath the player into obsidian
Intellect3SpecialTools, Weapons, & RangedMassively increases dropped experience
Diverse6NormalAxeIncreases damage dealt against players holding swords
Stalwart3NormalArmorChance to get resistance for a short time when taking damage
Harpoon3SpecialFishing rodsHooking onto an entity will heavily damage it
Charge1SpellSwordLaunches you in the direction you're looking
Dynamite1SpellPickaxeMines blocks in a large area
Missile1SpellSwordShoots a wither skull


Zeus Enchants
NameMax LevelTypeItemDescription
Heart Artifact1Normal
Swords, Tools, & Elytra
Creates heart particles
Honey Artifact1Normal
Swords, Tools, & Elytra
Creates honey particles
Sparkle Artifact1Normal
Swords, Tools, & Elytra
Creates sparkle particles
Totem Artifact1Normal
Swords, Tools, & Elytra
Creates totem particles
Zap Artifact1Normal
Swords, Tools, & Elytra
Creates lightning bolt particles
Soul Fire Artifact1Normal
Swords, Tools, & Elytra
Creates soul fire artifact
Prosperity3SpecialArmorMassively increases maximum health
Disappear6NormalArmorGo invisible if damaged on low health
Invigoration3NormalArmorIncreases outgoing damage and reduces incoming damage when low on health
Lesion7NormalTridentCauses your opponent to bleed, damaging them repeatedly
Bladed5SpecialTridentTrident deals extreme additional damage
Inferno1NormalTridentFlaming tridents
Life Steal6SpecialSword & AxeHeals a large portion of damage dealt
Dexterous2NormalSword & AxeIncreases attack speed
Drill5NormalPickaxeMines blocks behind other blocks
Blastmining1NormalPickaxeMines blocks in a 3x3 area
Razor8SpecialSwordMassively increases damage dealt
Illusion Aspect2NormalSwordChance to blind and nauseate opponent
Thor6NormalSwordChance of striking lightning on your opponent
Volatile2SpecialSwordExplosive sword attacks
Stray Aspect6NormalSwordChance of slowing your opponent
Plasmic5NormalSwordIncreases damage dealt against opponents with diamond or netherite armor
Bolt4SpecialSwordChance of striking powerful lightning on your opponent
Sycophant6NormalShieldHeals a portion of damage blocked
Electroshock3NormalShieldChance to strike lightning on your attacker
Force8SpecialBowMassively increases arrow damage
Aiming5SpecialBowArrows hone in on your target
Optics5NormalBow & CrossbowIncreases damage when further from target
Zeus6NormalBow & CrossbowChance to strike lightning on your opponent
Magnetic4NormalBootsItems and XP go towards you
Spring3SpecialBootsIncreases jump height and distance
Carve8NormalAxeHeavily damage all entities around attacked entity
Ascend2SpellSwordLevitates you into the air
Vitalize1SpellSwordPuts you back on max health
Quake3SpellSwordDamages all nearby entities


Special enchants are identifiable by the way they read as pink on lore lines of a weapon or on the book itself. You are limited to one Special enchant per item. These items do not have cooldowns on their use.

Spell enchants are identifiable by the way they read as blue on lore lines of a weapon or on the book itself. You are limited to one Spell enchant per item. These items do have a cooldown on their use.

Spell NameCooldown
Missile40 seconds
Quake40 seconds
Charge40 seconds
Dynamite60 seconds
Ascend90 seconds
Vitalize450 seconds


Curse List

Curse NameMax LevelItemDescription
Curse of Calling1ArmorAngers all nearby mobs
Curse of Fragility1EverythingDecreases item durability
Curse of Hunger1HelmetIncreases hunger loss
Curse of Permanence1EverythingPrevents items from being modified in an anvil
Curse of Harmlessness1Swords & AxesChance for attacks to do nothing
Curse of Breaklessness1ToolsChance to prevent block breaking
Curse of Decay1EverythingAutomatically damages items when not held
Curse of Misfortune1ToolsChance for blocks to not drop items
Curse of Inaccuracy1BowArrows fire incorrectly
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