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Mar 16, 2019
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Build Contest

November's Theme

Fairytale Affair
November 2nd - November 30th, 2020

You open your mailbox to find a letter. It’s small, much smaller than any letter you’re used to receiving, but it is still legible. Upon opening said letter, you’re met with pressed flowers, a bag of tea, and a feather you believe you recognize though cannot place... The letter itself goes over the details of a party, an invite you’re not quite sure was meant to reach you, and yet- you’re intrigued. It does say your name at the bottom… It’d be rude not to show! The only requirement is to bring your own teacup as theirs may be just a tad too small.

For November’s contest, you’ll be creating the space at which you’ve been invited to. With details left out, you’ll be left to use your imagination to create something that captures the energy of the blurb above. A gathering, a ritual, a space to mourn... It's all up to you! Surprise us.

You are free to use any blocks you'd like, Mizunos CIT and Ghoulcraft included.
2. You cannot build in groups. If caught working with anyone, any member involved will be disqualified.
3. Do not plagarize someone else's build. This includes copying a video tutorial for more than 50% of your build. References are just fine!
4. Do not build larger than 32x32 blocks. You may build from bedrock to height limit if you wish.
5. Voting is based on the images provided. You are limited to 5 photos. Videos and GIFs do not count.
5. Do not start building before the date provided.
6. Follow the theme stated above.

All server rules apply, and just like those, our contest rules are subject to change when and if deemed suitable. It is up to you to keep track if you plan on participating. The breaking of any rule will result in immediate disqualification and depending on the severity, you may no longer be allowed to participate in any future contests under Empire.


First Place

2 Legendary Crate Keys and $50,000 IGC.

Second Place
2 Epic Crate Keys and $25,000 IGC.

Third Place
1 Epic Crate Key and $10,000 IGC.

1 Rare Crate key and $5000 IGC.

To enter, please leave a comment using the following template.

Build Description:

If you have any questions, feel free to ask by replying down below!​