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Before Playing Global Empire Rules

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LGBT Empire exists as a fun, friendly, and accepting space for members of the community and allies to play on. To create structure and ensure a pleasant space for its users, we have a list of rules we expect all players to follow with no exceptions. By choosing to play on LGBT Empire or use the Empire Forums and Discord, you agree to follow all the rules listed below. Attempts to loophole or downplay these rules will be met with zero toleration.

Rules, along with punishments, are subject to change at any time. Management will do their best to update the community on any and all rule changes, but it is never guaranteed. As a result, it is your responsibility as a player to keep yourself updated on these rules. "Not knowing" is not a valid excuse and will result in an automatic denial of any punishment appeals.


1. Do not grief.
Any griefing, whether or not the build is abandoned, is not allowed. This includes building within 100 blocks of another player without their consent, failing to replant crops that don't belong to you, claiming other player's builds, and taking from chests that aren't yours.

2. Do not spam.
Any type of flooding in the chat whether through public or private messages will not be tolerated. 4+ messages sent without a break in between or messages sent in all caps fall under spam as well so please be mindful of what you're sending! These messages are logged on discord and ping staff each time they're sent.

3. Do not be rude.
Being rude or arguing with other players, especially in a hostile manner, will not be tolerated. Use tone indicators if you feel as though the message may be misconstrued.

4. Do not impersonate team members or speak about vanished staff.
Any attempt to impersonate a team member will not be tolerated. For example, making your messages in chat look similar to staff and/or management, or changing your nickname to an existing staff member's. This also doubles for calling out team members in vanish. This feature is meant to police the server, and calling someone out as vanished / suspected vanished will not be tolerated.

5. Do not mini-mod.
Mini-modding consists of playing the role of our Moderators as a player. Regardless of whether or not a member of our team is online, players are not meant to police the server in their place.

6. Do not harass other players.
Continued unwanted behavior towards someone after being told to stop will not be tolerated, regardless of whether you're friends or not.

7. Do not discriminate against other players.
Discrimination against a player based on religion, sex, sexuality, or nationality will not be tolerated.

8. Do not be toxic.
Any and all toxicity towards other players or the server will not be tolerated. This includes starting or fueling any drama.

9. Do not scam.
Tricking a player into giving you an item or in-game currency will not be tolerated. This includes trapping and killing a player to obtain their items.

10. Do not be inappropriate.
Excessive vulgarities, drug references, inappropriate language, skins, or usernames are not allowed under any circumstance. This includes the use of slurs. While you may have reclaimed these terms, you can never guarantee everyone else is comfortable hearing them. In short, keep it PG-13.

11. Do not talk about religion or politics.
To ensure the network stays a safe, welcoming, and comfortable community for everybody, discussion about religion or politics will not be tolerated.

12. Do not threaten.
Threatening other players on the server or the network itself will not be tolerated. This includes death threats, DDoS threats, dox threats, etc.

13. Do not advertise.
Any and all advertisements will not be tolerated. This includes recruiting for other servers, Discords, Twitch streams, or YouTube channels.

14. Do not abuse exploits.
Any and all exploits should be instantly reported on the forums. This includes, but is not limited to, map, plugin, and server exploits. The use of these exploits or failure to report them will not be tolerated.

15. Do not bypass bans or mutes.
Using an alternative account to bypass bans or mutes will not be tolerated. You are also not allowed to talk about punishments in general chat. We have punishment appeals for a reason.

16. Do not use hacked clients or unapproved mods.
Any use of hacked clients or unapproved mods that give you a gameplay advantage over other players will not be tolerated.

17. Do not chargeback.
Any and all LGBT Empire sales are final. Attempts to receive your funds back will not be tolerated. We reserve the right to pursue any legal action to ensure the recovery of any financial damages.

18. Do not combat log.
Players are not allowed to disconnect from the server or leave the combat situation by entering a zone where PVP is disabled. This is only applicable when you have an active bounty on you.

If you believe a staff member has punished you unfairly, report them with proof and we will investigate it. As a reminder, management holds the final say in all situations regardless of anything listed or unlisted below. Punishments handed out by management are therefore unappealable.

If you believe any of these rules are unfair or you have a recommendation for a rule that should be added, post a suggestion and management will gladly take it into consideration. These rules were made with you, the players, in mind, so we are well aware that there is always room for improvement. We actively encourage community members to work alongside us to make the server the best it can be, so please do not be shy to voice your opinion.
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