Before Playing Halloween 2020 Event


Senior Moderator
Mar 16, 2019
North Carolina
In continuation of our spooky activities this month, we’re happy to announce the start of our Halloween event! Open to the public on October 16th and concluding November 16th, you’ll be able to earn yourself some wicked cool exclusives as well as bragging rights for saving an entire settlement. Or what’s left of it...

The town of Screampire needs your help!
Rush to their aid using /warp Halloween with your bravest face and sword in hand, though do make sure that your weapons do not have fire aspect. Once you’re settled, you’ll be faced with a stranded townsperson by the name of Fletcher… Will you venture down this path and avenge Screampire or will you follow down the road of those before you and turn away at the face of danger?

Unsure of what to do next with your quest?
Check out our Event Guide.

While you’re running about dealing with what goes bump in the night, you may stumble upon a candy basket or two along your way. Interact by right clicking and you’ll be given a treat! Once all 100 have been collected, you’ll be granted access to our exclusive Halloween 2020 bat bopper hat! We can’t guarantee there won’t be any tricks involved.