Accepted I got banned for no reason.

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    Jun 10, 2019
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    My Username: DeathPsychoAngel

    Punishment Given: Misconduct (One Week)

    Did I brake this rule: No

    My Defence: I was on the Server today, to see how it looks. Then someone apparently ddosed the Server and someone was aking: "I thought they can only ddos Websites" and I wrote "No. They can ddos anything". And then I got banned for saying that. This is disrespectful. "Everybody is welcome"? And my Wife got banned too, because we are on the same Internet connection, and have similar names: DeathPsychoAngel and DarkPsychoAngel
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    Mar 3, 2019
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    My apologies! I was the moderator that banned you! Unfortunately, you joined at the exact moment the raiders who were crashing the server joined and I mistook you and your wife for being a part of that raid, I banned you as you joined alongside the raiders and I mistook your wife for an alternate account. I am again incredibly sorry for the mistake.

    I've lifted your ban, I am incredibly sorry for the mistake! I hope you will be willing to give the server a second chance. If for some reason the ban isn't lifted please reply here and let me know!

    Yours Sincerely
    Razzy (Jason)

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