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I'm 4CV!


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Other names that I go by: That guy over there, 4, whatever you want lol I can't remember my IG nickname and I change it a good amount
My age: 16
Languages I can speak/learning: English, OK w/ Spanish
5 facts about me:
- I'm gayer than a boomerang
- Animal Crossing New Horizons is literally my bae
- I like reading but only really niche and specific things
- I watch more Netflix (and now Hulu) shows than you could literally imagine
- I talk too much about my LD Debate team at school and the stuff I'm learning for it b/c it's super interesting to me and I can't get myself to shut up even if I sound super egotistical (I'm sorry I can't help myself)
A question I get asked a lot: "Who asked?"
Biggest pet peeve: People who I don't want to talk to who keep texting which makes me feel like I have to respond
Favourite thing to do: Rant
How did I find LGBT Empire?: I was looking for a place to talk about my sexuality after the community I used to be a part of for a bit over a year just shut down basically, I didn't have anywhere b/c I was in the closet (not anymore as of Valentine's day this year) and I found this place on google
Cool skill about me: I can play the drums
Dream job: Lawyer
Favourite gamemode: Survival
Ways to contact me: Discord: MemeKicker197#7276
Personal goal on the server: I really want to make a coffeeshop on the server that will make it so that I'll never have to leave it b/c it will fully sustain me w/ food and it'll look cool plus it'd be a cool place to talk, plus other people could do the same b/c I always find myself more interested in talking than in "playing minecraft" per se


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I love how you added a personal goal of yours for the server! :D


Hi, 4CV!

I'm the same way with reading. If I'm not interested in something put in front of me, I can't even motivate myself to read it. I'm glad you were able to come out this past Valentine's Day and I'm very glad you felt that LGBT Empire was a safe enough place for you. That's honestly what this community is all about.

Welcome to the forums!

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