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Introduction: CrownTheEmpire


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Hiya I’m CrownTheEmpire! but my close friends call me Lucien, I’ve been a part of LGBTEmpire before it was even open for beta,

Age, Pronouns, where I’m from:
I’m 23, Non-Binary, Pansexual and I come from Newcastle, NSW which is 2 hours north of Sydney but that’s changing as @YouthInRevolt, @Wigche and I plan on getting a place together in Melbourne early
next year.

Languages I can speak:
I speak English and a tiny bit of Klingon and Vulcan #NerdAlert but I am currently learning AusLAN (sign language) so I can speak to my niece who suffers from Autism like me.

5 facts about me:
1 I can pull apart, deep clean and reassemble any computer in an hour.
2 I know quite a lot about space and quantum physics
3 I love fast exotic cars
4 I can’t walk on sand without being in a lot of pain.
5 I’m kind to a fault

A question I get asked a lot:
Can you fix the tv.

Biggest pet peeve:

Favorite thing to do:
Research new technologies, space, weather and quantum physics/mechanics

How did I find LGBT Empire?:
Noah invited me when it was under construction.

Cool skill about me:
I can read 350words per minute.

Dream job:
Architect or I.T networking Analyst

Favorite game mode: Prison | PvE Survival and Skyblock

Anything else super cool about me:
I’ve been good friends with Noah for 6 years and lived with them briefly in 2018 and Wigche for 3/4 years.

Our original friend group which consisted of many longtime and very close friends originated from one server OmegaR***m:



Hey, good to see you again!

Welcome to the forums.

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