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July Update



As you can see beside my buddy up there, there's about to be some changes on LGBT Empire. That's right. We're going to be updating to 1.17.1.

In the past we've taken quite a bit of time to update in fear of losing performance points. Think back to 1.16. Six months. That was frustrating for all of us, but the wait was well worth it. A little under two months to catch up is not so bad in comparison, right? We've kept a close eye on things, done a lot of testing in the last few weeks, and we're confident that moving forward with this update. Down below will touch on some frequently asked questions, but don't be afraid to ask if you're curious about anything else!

1.16.5 World Information
To get this out of the way, we do not have plans for an Overworld reset until 1.18. The Cliffs update is only projected to release around the holidays this year, hinting at December. Similar to our latest update and the sheer size of it, we don't expect to update the server for a while after release as we want to prioritize stability. There will never be a wipe without warning.

1.17 Generation
As stated before, we will not be resetting the Overworld. To allow for 1.17 world generation, we will be expanding the world border out over a thousand blocks. Everything will stay just the way it is with an adjustment to accommodate for these caves.

LGBT Empire will be down for server maintenance starting at 6PM EST. During this time, you will be unable to access the server or the Survival channel on Discord. For the time being we're estimating about 4 to 6 hours offline just to be safe. This will leave room for plug-in changes, pages to be updated, and other small tweaks to pre-existing sites on the server.

In short, we're updating to 1.17.1! The server will go down for maintenance around 6PM EST for this to happen. We will be expanding the world border over 1K blocks to allow for new world generation without an Overworld reset. We can't wait to share this with you!

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