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Before Playing LGBT Empire Community Rules

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Welcome to LGBT Empire! To ensure our community remains a pleasant space for all members, we have rules and guidelines that players and staff must abide by. These rules are outlined below. If you have any questions regarding these rules or need clarification, please message me here on the forums or on Discord (@Colter#0001)

Rule 1: Respect
  • Do not harass or disrespect any user, or post or say anything toxic.
  • Hate speech is strictly not welcome.
  • Being rude or arguing with other players, especially in a hostile manner, will not be tolerated. Use tone indicators if you feel your message could be misconstrued.
  • This is not a community for the discussion of world events, religion, or politics. There are other spaces for that.
  • Pranks are not allowed and are not permitted by this rule. If you have a close group of friends who like to prank each other that is fine. However, if said pranks are reported to staff, action will be taken.
Rule 2: Hacking
  • Using hacked clients, x-ray texture packs, mods, bugs, glitches or any other modification that provides a significant, non-cosmetic advantage over other players is strictly prohibited.
Rule 3: Griefing & Stealing
  • Do not destroy or modify any structure made by another player without their express permission. This includes an immediate 100 block radius surrounding the area of said structure.
  • Do not steal from other players. This includes stealing from any containers, inventories or dropped items that belong to another player.
  • Do not scam by misleading or tricking a player into giving you in-game currency or items.
Rule 4: Exploits
  • We define exploiting as the use of a glitch, bug, game system, plugin etc. by a player to obtain an advantage over other players or to interfere with the smooth operation of the server in a manner not intended by LGBT Empire Management or Minecraft developers.
  • Any form of exploitation is strictly prohibited. Management reserves the right to determine what is or is not considered an exploit at any time.
  • Chunk loaders are not allowed. Chunks may only be loaded by online players.
  • Duplicating items is strictly prohibited.
  • Using exploitative characteristics of the world or seed for mining valuable ores is not allowed.
Rule 5: Chat Disruption
  • Any form of impersonation in chat or on discord is strictly prohibited.
  • We define impersonation as using any aspect of chat (color codes, symbols, messages) to lead someone to believe that said player is a member of Staff or Management.
  • Attempting to “mini-mod” or replace the position of a Staff or Management member in any scenario is not allowed.
  • You cannot repetitively spam content, use CAPS excessively or make attempts to bypass the chat filter.
Rule 6: AFK Circumvention
  • Circumventing the automatic AFK kick is considered an exploit. This includes using any form of machine or gameplay modification to constantly move your player without the need to interact.
Rule 7: Autoclickers
  • Autoclicking to mine, kill mobs or perform any in-game action is prohibited.
  • Every click, press or hold of a button must be performed by a player. You cannot weigh down your keys, disconnect your mouse or use any third party software to achieve automation.
Rule 8: Advertising
  • You may not link discord invites, Twitch or YouTube channels, IP’s or website links to other servers without permission from Management.
  • You are free to post links to YouTube, Reddit or other URLs provided the content is Safe For Work (SFW) and adheres to all rules listed here.
Rule 9: Inappropriate and Illegal Content
  • Do not share, discuss the sharing of, or discuss methods of obtaining any content that is illegal, NSFW (Not Safe For Work) or content that you do not have the rights to.
  • Threatening to carry out DOX or DDOS attacks on any player or the server is strictly prohibited and will be met with an immediate IP ban.
  • Excessive vulgarities, drug references, inappropriate language, skins, or usernames are not allowed under any circumstance. This includes the use of slurs. While you may have reclaimed these terms, you can never guarantee everyone else is comfortable hearing them. In short, keep it PG-13.
Rule 10: Lag Prevention
  • Senior Mods, Admins and Owners reserve the right to destroy, disable or remove any farm, contraption, creation or build identified as causing significant lag or strain to the server.
  • The quantity of villagers in or within reasonable proximity to a base, town or farm must not exceed 30.
Loopholes are not honored.
Management discretion will always prevail.
Joking about breaking any rule is bannable at Management discretion.
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