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Before Playing LGBT Empire Community Rules

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Welcome to LGBT Empire! To ensure our community remains a pleasant space, we have rules and guidelines that all players and staff must adhere to. It should be noted that ignorance of our rules is not accepted as an excuse for breaking them. Please take time to read them carefully to prevent any incidents that may lead to a punishment. If you encounter any confusion while reading below or have any questions, please message Colter here on the forums, or on Discord @Colter#0001 for clarification.

  • Be respectful.
  • Keep chat civil. Avoid drawing attention to personal drama or players invoved, sort out personal issues in DMs or report to staff.
  • Being rude or arguing with other players will not be tolerated.
  • This server is not a space for the discussion of religion, politics or real world events.
  • Refrain from saying weird or creepy things that may make members of the community uncomfortable.
  • No using racial slurs, derogatory terms or racially inciting jokes.
  • PvP may only occur with consent from all players involved. Pestering players into PvP is not tolerated.
  • Mods that simply seek to improve client performance without making changes to the game itself, such as Optifine, are allowed.
  • Mods that only change the look and feel of your client without modifying gameplay, like shaders or resource packs are allowed. These must not change the properties of blocks (e.g. make non transparent blocks transparent, allowing players to see features not normally visible)
  • Modifications that alter the look and feel of in-game HUDs without adding extra information which would normally be unavailable are allowed, such as mini maps, armor durability, and status effects are also permitted.
Other modifications are not allowed on LGBT Empire. Modifications that alter the way in which clients communicate and interact with the server are not allowed. Mods must be client side only and not change the behavior of the game. Overall, an unfair advantage is considered something that abuses the Minecraft protocol/mechanics and code to gain an unfair advantage over other players.

  • Do not destroy or modify any structure made by another player without their express permission. This includes an immediate 100 block radius surrounding the area of said structure.
  • Do not steal from other players. This includes stealing from any containers, inventories or dropped items that belong to another player.
  • Do not scam by misleading or tricking a player into giving you in-game currency or items.
  • We define exploiting as the use of a glitch, bug, game system, plugin etc. by a player to obtain an advantage over other players or to interfere with the smooth operation of the server in a manner not intended by Empire admins or Minecraft devs.
  • Any form of exploitation is strictly prohibited.
  • Duplicating items is strictly prohibited.
  • Mining strategies pertaining to characteristics of world generation such as swamp or seed mining are not known to work on LGBT Empire. Even if they did work, such strategies may trigger our anticheat, Empire Guard, so these strats are discouraged.
  • Any form of impersonation in chat is not allowed.
  • Attempting to “mini-mod” or replace the position of a Staff or Management member in any scenario is not allowed.
  • Spamming or excessive CAPS LOCK usage is not allowed. Do not repeat strings of nonsense.
  • Refrain from using languages other than English in public chats and channels. Other languages are permitted in private messages.
  • Autoclicking to mine, kill mobs or perform any in-game action is prohibited.
  • Every click, press or hold of a button must be performed by a player. You cannot weigh down your keys, disconnect your mouse or use any third party software to achieve automation.
  • You may not link other Minecraft Server IP’s or websites. Exceptions to this include large servers, such as Mineplex or Hypixel.
  • You are free to post links to YouTube, Reddit or other URLs provided the content is Safe For Work (SFW) and adheres to all rules listed here.
  • Do not send, post, discuss, or discuss the sharing of any content that is illegal, innapropriate and not PG-13, or content that you do not have the rights to.
  • Threatening to carry out DOX or DDOS attacks on any player or the server is strictly prohibited and will be met with an immediate IP ban.
  • Vulgarities, drug references, inappropriate language, contexts, skins, or usernames are not allowed under any circumstance.
  • Senior Mods, Admins and Owners reserve the right to destroy, disable or remove any farm, contraption, creation, group of entities or build identified as causing significant lag or strain to the server. Intentionally harming server performance through use of entities, farms or contraptions is prohibited.
  • Players AFK at a farm or build may be kicked for lag reduction at any given time, only when necessary.
Loopholes are not honored.
Senior Moderator, Administrator and Owner discretion will always prevail.
Joking about breaking any rule is bannable at Management discretion.
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