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Forums New "Help Wanted" Section


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  1. A Help Wanted Section added to the forums
  2. A “Help Wanted” section to the forums would provide a designated place for players/community members to post up public job offers, related to the survival economy server, as well as seek for them as well. It would be in the best interest if the section were to have a “Before Posting” pinned, to describe the use of the section, rules specific towards it, and enforce a template to format the “Help Wanted” posts with. This template would be for the Job Posting, under it, providing a name for the job (i.e. build a house, terraform a mountain, etc.), a description, and a form of payment.
  3. Although not guaranteed, this new section may assist with reducing the amount of spam, or repeated messages, of players (in-game) requesting or inquiring other players if they are interested in taking a job. From then on, players could forward them, the players looking to hire others, to this new section of the forums where they could properly compose and post an advertisement or “Help Wanted” post! This way, the players who do seek to participate in a job proposed by a fellow player, could simply have a look at the forums; A place where they could see the job in specifics along with the payment/reward (if included, with some players wishing for volunteer work). I believe the addition of this section could greatly benefit and improve the LGBT Empire forums, as well as bring more activity to the site.
Please comment if you have any questions, opinions, or criticism you wish to voice! I appreciate your time for reading my post and whatever consideration you have for this suggestion, whether as a player/community member, or a part of the staff team.

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