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Before Playing Player Commands


Need a little help getting comfortable with commands on LGBT Empire? This page goes over our most commonly used commands and what each of them does in game. These are accessible to all users regardless of rank, though some are notably different after donating.

After checking this out, you may want to take a peek at our other tutorials.

Basic Commands

1. /auctionhouse or /ah
This command opens up a GUI, presenting items being sold by other players.

2. /auctionhouse sell (price) or /ah sell (price)
Using this command while holding the item you want to sell lists it on the House. Make sure to leave out a comma when adding your price.

3. /balance or /bal
This checks your in-game balance.

4. /balancetop or /baltop
A list of users and their balances is brought into chat, showing those with the most money first.

5. /bio <player>
Using this will provide you with a users pronouns, sexuality, and gender.

6. /delhome <home name>
This will remove the specified home from your list.

7. /discord
Using this link will provide you with an active link to our community Discord.

8. /donate
A GUI will pop up with different donation routes for in-game perks. These are purchased with real currency rather than your money on our server.

9. /featherboard <on/off> or /fb <on/off>
This toggles the menu to the right of your screen.

10. /kit <starter, claim, munchies>
gives you the kit of one of those following names.

11. /lay
This command allows you to lay down on flat surfaces. You can shift to exit this position.

12. /mail send <player> <message>
Mail can be sent to other users online or offline using this command. To ensure mail is sent properly, make sure you’re including send before putting the command in chat.

13. /mail read
To check and see if mail has been sent to you, or to reread something, you can use this command.

14. /mail clear
This clears your inbox. Mail notifications will be sent every so often until cleared manually.

15. /msg <player> <message>
You may message an online player using this command.

16. /pay <player> <amount>
To send currency to another player, you must use this command with the correct amount available in your balance at the time. You do not need to include any commas or dollar signs.

17. /playtime <player>
This command allows you to view the play time of you or another player.

18. /realname <nickname>
If you need help identifying a player, this command reveals the username of a person using our /nick command.

19. /rules
If you need a rule refresher, use this command to provide a link to our site in chat.

20. /setbio <gender> <orientation> <pronouns>
This command allows you to create a bio accessible to other users. Anything can be used as a value and they are separated by spaces.

21. /seen <player>
To know when a user was online last, use this command for an exact measurement.

22. /sit
Similar to /lay, you’re able to sit on most surfaces. You can also sit by right-clicking carpets, stairs, and slabs.

23. /vote
Using this command will provide links in chat so that you can vote for LGBT Empire and earn rewards as a result.

24. /whisper <player> <message>
This is an alternative to our /msg command.

Teleport Related Commands
1. /back
If you’ve died or you’ve forgotten something at another location, this command returns you back to this site.

2. /homes
This will list all of your currently set homes, including your bed if applicable.

3. /home <home name>
If you have a few homes set, including the name would teleport you to the mentioned home.

4. /rtp
RTP allows you to teleport to a random location on the server. This may bring you close to another base, though the command is unlimited and free.

5. /sethome <home name>
Setting a home will allow you to teleport to the space where you stand in the future.

6. /spawn
Using this command will bring you back to our spawn location.

7. /tpa <player>
This command allows you to ask another player if you can teleport to them.

8. /tpaccept or /tpyes
To accept a teleportation request, you may use either one of these.

9. /tpahere <player>
Using this command asks another player to come to your current location.

10. /tpacancel <player>
Use this command to cancel a pending teleportation request

11. /tpdeny or /tpno
To decline a request you would use either of these commands.

12. /warps
This command provides a list of accessible locations made available by both staff and players.

13. /warp <warp name>
Add a warp name to visit this specific site.

Marry Commands
These commands allow you to marry other players on the server. You can marry as many people as you wish.
1. /marry list
This commands provides a list of every married pair on the server.

2. /marry marry <player>
You can propose to another user with this command.

3. /marry divorce <player>
To end a marriage, use this command.

4. /marry chat <message>
Similar to /msg and /whisper, this command creates a private message for your partner.

5. /marry chat settarget <playername / all>
You can create a chat between all partners online using this option.

6. /marry chattoggle
Using this command allows you to send messages to your partner without adding /marry chat at the start.

7. /marry tp <player>
Unlike other teleportation commands, you may teleport to your partner without them accepting the request.

8. /marry home <player>
This command teleports you to your home created with your partner(s).

9. /marry sethome <player>
Use this command to set a home with your partner(s).

10. /marry delhome <player>
Remove a Marry home by using this command.

11. /marry gift <player>
You can send a present to a specific partner by using this command with the item held in your hand.

12. /marry kiss
Kiss your partner using this command within a close range.

13. /marry hug
Hug your partner using this command within a close range.

14. /marry seen <player>
Use this command to see when a partner was on last.

15. /marry help
You can view all commands for this plugin in chat.

Jobs Commands
These commands give you another way to earn money on the server.
When joining a job you can do numerous tasks such as mining blocks, placing blocks, making potions, killing mobs, etc. to earn you money on the server.

When <jobname> is shown, you will fill this space with the job you desire.
Builder, Miner, Woodcutter, Digger, Farmer, Hunter, Explorer, Crafter, Fisherman, Weaponsmith, Brewer, Enchanter.

1. /jobs
This command provides a list of all of the available commands in chat.

2. /jobs browse
Using this command pulls up a GUI with all of the available jobs. You can join jobs with this GUI by right-clicking or left-clicking for information.

3. /jobs join <jobname>
To join the jobs manually, you can enter this command and the job you’d like to join.

4. /jobs leave <jobname>
Using this command will allow you to leave a specified job.

5. /jobs leaveall
To leave all jobs quickly, use this command.

6. /jobs stats <player>
This command allows you to view the stats of another user.

87. /jobs info <job>
Using this command shows how much each action provides in terms of currency.

MCMMO Commands
When <skill> is typed, please apply the desired skill in this space when using the command yourself.
Combat Skills: Archery, Axes, Swords, Taming, Unarmed.
Gathering Skills: Excavations, Fishing, Herbalism, Mining, Woodcutting.
Misc Skills: Acrobatics, Alchemy, Repair, Salvage, Smelting.

1. /mcstats
You can view your personal MCMMO stats by using this command.

2. /<skill>
Entering a skill will prompt you with its information and stats.

3. /mctop
Using this command will provide you with a list of LGBT Empire's top MCMMO users overall.

4. /mctop <skill>
To narrow down the list of top users, add a skill to the end of the previous command.

5. /inspect <player>
Functioning similarly to /mcstats, this command allows you to view the MCMMO stats of other users.

6. /mcability
This command allows you to toggle all MCMMO abilities, such as Super Breaker or Tree Feller, typically enabled by right-clicking.

7. /mccooldown
After using an MCMMO ability, the ability needs to cool down. This command provides you with cooldowns of your available MCMMO abilities.

8. /mcnotify
This command allows you to toggle MCMMO notifications.

9. /mcscoreboard
Use this to manage your MCMMO scoreboard.

10. /mcmmo help
This provides a list of all MCMMO commands in chat.

MCMMO Party Commands
This section of commands touches on a chat feature, allowing you and a group of friends to direct message each other in-game with ease.
These commands can be accessed after leveling up.

1. /party create <name>
Using this command will create a party with a name of your choice.

2. /party create <name> <password>
This command functions the same as the last one, though adding the password will create a lock automatically.

3. /party disband
This command will delete the current party, though the command can only be used by the party creator.

4. /party join <player>
To join an existing party a user has created, you would use this command and enter their username at the end.

5. /party quit
Use this command to leave the current party you're in.

6. /party chat <message> or /pc <message>
This command simply reroutes your messages from our in-game chat to your party's.

7. /party invite <player>
This command serves as an invite to a player so they can join your chat.

8. /party accept
Accept a chat invite using this command.

9. /party teleport <player> or /ptp <player>
Similar to /marry tp, this command teleports you to a member of your party without a request.

10. /party leader <player>
Using this command allows you to transfer party ownership to a user of your choice.

11. /party xpshare
Group mining sessions or mob killings? This command allows you to share your earned XP amongst your party team.

12. /party lock
Use this command to lock your party chat. Players who use /party join <player> cannot join after this is enabled.

13. /party unlock
You can unlock a previously locked chat using this command.

14. /party password <password>
Use this command to create a password after the creation of the party. Players who use /party join <player> cannot join after this is enabled.

Any questions regarding the use of these commands can be directed to any member of our staff team, though are recommended to be kept below this post for future user access and logging purposes.

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