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    ♥♥♥ Ryo's Application ♥♥♥

    Minecraft Username: ryomantic

    Previous Username(s):

    Discord Username/Numbers:
    party hard killer#0033

    Timezone and Country:
    GMT - Britain


    Referral from a current staff member (Must include screenshots):


    Are you able to record and upload to Youtube:
    Just about!

    Past Punishments:

    Why are you applying?:
    I've experienced so much kindness and generosity on this server, and met so many wonderful people, I would love an opportunity to give back to this fantastic community in the form of support

    Any past experiences?:
    I have experience moderating a guild within an mmo, ZackTheSunshine and I headed up a very successful server together and I moderated in-game as well as our guild discord. We had our fair share of sticky situations but the group remained tight-knit and friendly until the end when the game was discontinued and Zack and I retired. I also work in a customer-facing tech and finance support role IRL.

    Scenario Questions

    1. Your friend is asking you to spawn in some items for them. What do you say? I explain that while I would like to lend a hand, it would be abuse of my power as a staff member. However, I also offer to help them track down the items they need in the mall or find the items out in the larger map

    2. You see a few of our players having a disagreement. How do you approach this situation?
    I do my best not to pick sides, even if it is a polarising topic. I ask them to move the situation in DMs, especially if the dispute is over a subject inappropriate for chat. If the dispute continues I mute the offenders

    3. You notice another staff member abusing their permissions in some way. What do you do next?
    I message them privately suggesting that maybe they could rethink how they use their privileges. If the behaviour continues I raise the issue to another, higher member of staff.

    4. Somebody is asking you a question in chat but you don’t know the answer. What is your next step?
    If it's Minecraft related, I'll hop straight onto Google to research. If it's related to the server in particular, I admit I don't know at that moment and pull support on the query with another member of staff.

    5. You have punished someone on the server, they're now calling you abusive. How do you react? If they did something that warranted me punishing them, if I am justified in my actions, I won't let it get to me.

    6. Something has happened on the server and everyone is spamming and freaking out. What do you do? I start by asking the chat to calm down, letting them know that the issue has been raised and is being dealt with. Once people have been assured staff are taking action, I measure whether the incident is something I can solve solo. If not, I am confident asking for support from other staff members or admin

    Thank you for considering my application!
    Feel free to DM me with any questions!

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