Separate Areas for Buying and Selling on Survival 2

Discussion in 'Server Suggestions' started by Dylbert, Apr 28, 2020.

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    Dec 2, 2019
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    There’s been this issue that’s been happening to some players, but it happened to me just today so I wanted to finally address it. So today, I was going to the shop to sell my pumpkins so I could save up for a warp. So I go to sell the pumpkins, and I look and I see that they sold for more than normal? Normally 5-6 stacks sell for 1400, but this time it said 50k. I was confused, and I checked the message to find out I had bought an inventory worth of pumpkins. For 50k. Keep in mind, it’s a little harder to get money on sv2, so this is a very very bad thing for me. When I said this in chat, many people said that this had also happened to them. So, to resolve this, I believe that there should be separate areas for buying and selling, to avoid any confusion or any loss of money. Another option, if needed, could be the /sellhand command. I doubt we’d need that, but it’s just a tiny suggestion. Thanks!

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