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Ended September Placements

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It's with great pleasure that we finally bring you the results of our September Build Contest! Before getting started, we’d like to thank everyone for participating and putting their best foot forward with their Autumn themed builds. We hope you had as much fun creating these pieces as we did viewing them! Now, the entries have been looked over with care and discussed very diligently before votes were tallied. Placements and prizes are as follows...

1st Place
2 Legendary Crate Keys and $50,000 IGC.

2nd Place
2 Epic Crate Keys and $25,000 IGC.

3rd Place
1 Epic Crate Key and $10,000 IGC.

VioletKnights, SoSleepyMarvin and solarNativity
1 Rare Crate Key and $5,000 IGC.

Big congratulations to our winners and again, a huge thank you to all of our participants!
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