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    The intent of LGBT Empire is to create a welcoming and friendly environment for everyone, regardless of age, sex, gender, race or any other personal factors. To uphold this intention, all rules within this list are enforced regularly by our staff team. By joining the server, discord or forums, you are automatically agreeing to abide by all rules listed below. Those who fail to abide by the rules listed below will be punished by the staff team accordingly, and if you feel you have been punished unfairly, you have a right to appeal your punishment and receive a “second look” from our moderators.

    Rule 1: Don’t be a dick

    Each player on our discord, server or forums, has the right to be referred or spoken to in a friendly and respectful manner. Cooperation is encouraged among our community, however those who disrespect, abuse or in general be a dick to other players will face harsh consequences, regardless of the intentions or previous interactions held between one another.

    Behavior not permitted on the discord, server or forums:

    • Extensive and overuse of bad language, or when said to another player directly
    • Trolling players
    • Insulting others in any form
    • Starting rumors or making up information about others
    • Talking and joking about sensitive subjects such as rape or self-harm
    • Encouraging violence
    • Sharing personal information about other players

    To sum up rule 1, treat others how you wish to be treated.

    Rule 2: Do not any hacking clients, macros, binds or cheat mods that give you an advantage over others in any way.

    A hacking client or cheating mod is defined as a modification you make to your Minecraft client that gives you a gameplay advantage over others.

    Such advantages include:

    • X-ray
    • Aimbot
    • Killaura

    Or any other hack or cheat that gives you the upper hand ingame. Just because it isn’t listed here, does not mean it is not a punishable offense.

    Rule 3: Do not expose server bugs or glitches.

    Bugs and glitches occurring both physically at spawn or at one’s base or within a plugin or any aspect of the server in general must be reported immediately to a staff member in game, or on the forums. Exposing bugs and glitches to other players or using them for your own personal gain is a serious offense.

    Rule 4: No homophobic, sexist, or racist remarks or bullying of any kind.

    Homophobic, sexist or racial bullying is when players behave or speak in a way which makes another player feel uncomfortable, bullied, harassed or humiliated. Making negative remarks about the following is not permitted and is an offense that entails serious consequences:

    • Appearance
    • Behavior
    • Choice of gender, sex or identity in general.
    • Or any other personal attributes.

    A racist remark is one that may offend another player (i.e using the term “nigger”, “faggot” or any other derogatory term). We ask that you refrain from using these terms, even if your intentions were not to harm another player.

    Rule 4: Do not start or fuel drama intentionally.

    While we do not discourage resolving conflicts among players or the community, or open communication between one another, what will not be tolerated is the creation or continuation of unnecessary drama within the community.

    Starting or fueling drama can be defined as:

    • Making idiotic remarks about players.
    • Discussing or making fun of affairs or relationships within the staff team or on the server.
    • Complaining about the actions of another or a staff member
    • Complaining about the gameplay experience on the server
    • Intentionally depreciating yourself (“I am stupid”) only for attention from staff or other players. (This is OK, unless it is explicitly attention seeking behavior)

    If you have an issue with the server, a player or a staff member, do not exclaim your concerns in chat but rather make a report on the matter within a suitable section on the forums. It is unproductive and does not get to the core of the matter to complain about something and exclaim your concerns in chat. If you have a problem, take yourself to the forums and make a confidential report, where the staff team will deal with your issue accordingly.

    Rule 5: No advertising.

    Promoting other Minecraft servers, discord servers or forums, or trying to get players to leave is not permitted. (Example: Come join!) This includes advertising your server on the down low, i.e: “Well, I’m going to my other Minecraft/discord/forums, anyone want to come?”

    Rule 6: No griefing. (*Structure: A house, farm or any other build that may be of significance to another player*)

    Griefing is defined as manipulating blocks (placing or destroying) in or around a structure with the intention to deface or cause damage, and there are no exceptions to this. Different severities of grief are categorized into 3 tiers:

    • Minor
    • Major
    • Severe

    If it is obvious that you placed or destroyed blocks in that of another player’s structure with no intention to cause damage (less than 3 blocks) you may receive a warning. This rule is enforced heavily.

    Rule 7: Do not built within 200 blocks of another structure.

    Whether claimed or not, you must not build within approx. 200 blocks of another structure. This is to ensure players have enough room to freely build and enjoy the game. Knowingly failing to take this rule into account when building may result in your structure being moved or deleted and can incur consequences. There is enough space in the map for everyone.

    Rule 8: Do not misuse alternate accounts for your own gain.

    Rule 9: Do not discuss sensitive topics (politics, gender theory ect..) in public chat.

    While positive discourse about controversial topics is encouraged, we ask you refrain from talking about these topics in public chat as some players may become heated. Remember that this is a Minecraft server where a fun and friendly environment is encouraged. This is not a political debating forum, there are appropriate discord servers and websites where debating about sensitive topics is encouraged. This is not the place.

    Rule 10: Do not impersonate staff members or any other players or fake your rank. (Applies to donors who have access to /nick and chat colors)

    Attempting to impersonate another player on discord or in server chat is not permitted. This includes:

    • Telling new or uninformed users you are a staff member.
    • Pretending to be a staff member
    • Mini-modding (Telling other players or staff what to do if you have no authority to do so)

    Rule 11: Do not trap or scam other players

    Scamming or trapping and killing players for money, items or crate keys is not permitted. This includes tricking users into closing their Minecraft clients (i.e: “press alt+F4 for diamonds!”, “type /pay [your name] -1000 to take my money!”)
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