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Before Playing Shop Sign Tutorial


Howdy hey! You've been thinking about opening up a shop, haven't you? It's a pretty easy task, but can become a bit confusing if you're not able to refer back to something. This page will cover the in's and out's of setting up shop signs on LGBT Empire. This tutorial will be left unlocked to allow questions if necessary.

1. Begin planning
Whether you're opening a plot within the mall district or setting up some signs in a personal area of yours or a friends, it's always best to plan out the space, the items you plan to sell, and pricing. You should be planning where to keep your stock and where signs are going to go as well. Removal of the signs isn't too tough, but constant resetting of the format may grow frustrating.

2. Create your place of work
This is pretty self explanatory. I'm not going to guide you through your own passion project or multi-level marketing scheme. Make sure you're getting invested in something you're interested in!

3. Set up those shop signs
This is where the real work begins. The image below will show you just what the signs should look like if they're formatted properly.

Item Name

4. Begin linking
After your signs have been created using the format above, you need to make sure that the correct amount of items are linked to the right sign. This is where chest storage is necessary. You need to put the amount you plan to sell inside the chest. Anything more or less can create issues in the future with sales and can often times sell your entire stock to one player.

In the image above I am selling a single example, 2 examples, and 3 on the final sign. I will need a chest for each sign.

How do I link the chests to the sign?
You need to hold a single piece of redstone and you must punch the chest with the amount you want to sell inside. After this has been done, you will be shown a message letting you know how much is inside the chest you plan to link to a sign.​
To finally link this amount to the sign, just punch the sign while holding that same piece of redstone. Another confirmation message should appear alongside [buy] turning bright blue.​

5. Double checking
By now your signs should be correctly linked to your chests, but to ensure that, your best bet is to attempt to purchase the item to see if the price, amount, and item are correct. If there is an error with any of the aforementioned values, you'll need to remove, replace, and relink your sign using the same process as above. In the end your signs should look just like this.

If all goes to plan, your shop should be up and running as soon as all those signs are linked properly! As stated above, you're free to reply with any question or concern you may have regarding this tutorial. Congratulations and good luck in your endeavors.

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