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    It occurred to me today that after god knows how long I've been on this server (I think at least a couple months), I have yet to do an introduction post.

    My name is Sunny, ign is SunnyHobbit. I just turned 25 in January, and I'm in my final year of schooling. I will be graduating in December with a bachelors in mathematics and secondary education. Hopefully this time next year I will be teaching in my own classroom. (If anybody has trouble in maths, let me know I'd be happy to help!)

    My favorite build style is probably medieval, BUT I very recently started trying out a modern style and I so far really enjoy it. Unfortunately modern style builds are very expensive >.<

    I am currently frequenting survival 1 right now the most, as I work to finish my current build. I'm in the middle of building a mega tree, and I would say I'm maybe 1/3 done? Maybe. And that's probably stretching it.

    But anyways I absolutely love this server and I love everybody I've met so far, and I hope to continue making new friends!

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