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Discussion in 'Staff Applications' started by mushroomgoblin, Jul 25, 2019.

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  1. mushroomgoblin


    Jul 25, 2019
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    MC IGN: mushroomgoblin
    Previous IGN: SlicedBreb (I changed it like a day after I joined the server)
    Discord: desiredDefenestration#1372
    Timezone: Central Standard Time
    Country: America
    (Note, I have a really normal sleep schedule but I can stay up or get up early very easily)
    Age: 17 (18 by December)
    Able to record and upload to YouTube: yes, I have very little experience but I’m a quick learner with a decent setup
    Past punishments: none.
    Why are you applying: I genuinely enjoy this server and therefore it’s upkeep holds significance for me.
    Past experiences: yes. For about 3 years I was a moderator for a social discord server of about 100 people, with some offshoot discord’s and a couple Minecraft realms. (positions cycling, for 1 of those years I was head of it). I’m extremely experienced in diffusing issues and laying out the logical side of situations. I don’t have as much experience with technical moderating but, again, I’m a very quick learner and very intuitive. Working a very rule-oriented customer service job has also given me the experience of explaining rules to people- a lot. I'm also parliamentarian of my theatre department's national thespian honor society, meaning I have a lot of experience conversationally regulating chat, redirecting people's attention, diffusing bad trains of discussion, etc.
    1. No. Beyond that if there's any reason for it that seems somewhat viable I would still never without asking a higher authority first.
    2. If it is a personal issue unrelated to the server or any of it's rules I would ask them to have their discussion in private. If the disagreement relates to the server, it's rules, or seems like harassment on either end I will assist in sorting out the situation fairly and logically, no favorites, no biases.
    3. If they are more experienced than me such as a SrMod and I'm uncertain of what I see as abuse I might ask them to explain what they are doing. If I'm certain it's abuse from anyone, or uncertain of the situation at all, I'll immediately and discreetly report it to whoever I know to be the person to report to, I'm assuming would be Noah.
    4. Oh I know this one from working customer service hehe- I avoid using the phrase "I don't know," because it suggests a dead end. Instead I say something more action-oriented like "I can find out." and seek this information from someone. If it's important a fellow staff, if it's less important anyone who knows the answer.
    5. If behind my back, I do not feed it, and leave it alone. If they bring it up with me, I explain that it is not personal, I'm simply doing my job and explain what they did that violated the rules. If they still are not satisfied I can send them up the chain of command. I should never have to fear doing so because I will not abuse my powers meaning I won't need to fear getting in trouble for it. Again- working customer service helps with this.
    6. Politely request people to not spam the chat, and explain that doing so will not resolve any of the server's issues. Added information can include that troubleshooting is common and to be expected from time to time. There's nothing our staff cannot handle, and to please be patient.
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  2. YouthInRevolt


    Jan 7, 2019
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    Hey there @mushroomgoblin !

    After going through your application with the rest of the Management team we have decided to accept your application and you will be starting off as a Helper of the server starting from today!

    // Accepted
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