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    May 20, 2019
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    Minecraft Username: enthura
    Previous usernames: none
    Discord Username: enthura#5212
    Timezone and Country: EST time and United States (Pennsylvania)
    Age: 16
    Are you able to record and upload to YouTube: Yes, I would be able to record, edit and upload if needed!
    Past punishments: none
    Why are you applying: I personally love this server so much and I would love to be a staff member and help out!
    Any past experiences: I have experience with configuring plugins, building, and running a server.

    Scenario Questions:
    I would respond the same way I always have, because this scenario has happened before. I would tell them that I can't spawn in items for them, cause that isn't fair to anyone else.
    2. I would try to find a middle ground that the players could agree on, if there is none, then I would tell them to drop the subject.
    3. I would first tell the staff member what they are doing wrong and report it to the server owner.
    4. If I am not sure, I would either do research to find the answer or ask another staff member.
    5. I explain the rules to the person punished and why they are getting that punishment.
    6. I immediately ask everyone to calm down then I try to fix the issue if there is one. If nothing is fixed I would ask another staff member to help me get everyone to quiet down.

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