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    Apr 22, 2019
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    Minecraft Username: Zelderon

    Discord Username: Zelderon#8855

    Timezone & Country: USA EST.

    Age: 21

    I am able to record and upload

    Past Punishments: None

    I’m applying cause I love helping, and want to help keep the LGBTempire community a warm, welcoming, and safe place for everyone to play and enjoy.

    Past Experience: I worked as a Jr. Mod for Performium and Sr. Mod for HappiCraft

    Scenario Questions:

    1) I explain to them that I cannot do that no matter rank, it would be unfair to all other players.

    2) I approach them calmly and try to defuse the argument, and settle them down calmly and kindly.

    3) I don’t approach them directly but report it to the higher ups of the server staff team.

    4) I explain I do not know the answer for sure, and ask another staff member if they know and get back to the player as soon as I can.

    5) Calmly I tell them if they believe that I am not doing my job correctly to report it to higher ups, and allow them to handle the situation as they see fit.

    6) Approach the situation calmly, and try to calm everyone down and let them know everything is okay.


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