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    Minecraft Username: CaseyLD

    Previous Username(s): PandoraAngelix (Not used on this server)

    Discord Username/Numbers: CaseyLD#0286

    Timezone and Country: Eastern Standard Time -EST, and Canada

    Age: 19

    Are you able to record and upload to Youtube: Yes.

    Past Punishments: None.

    Why are you applying?: I am applying because the LGBT Empire has grown to become a home to me. It's hard to find a genuine and amazing server, with fantastic people. I would like to be apart of the LGBT Empire family. I have always loved to help out with everything I can. It began all the way back in my younger years. Now, every chance I get, I jump at it.

    Any past experiences?: I worked on the Performium Server - - as a Jr. Mod. I am also currently an Admin, Builder, and Website Dev on a server that is currently in the works, with previous co-workers on the Performium server. I have experience with communicating with players and helping them when asked, as well as with banning hackers, and rule breakers, and muting when needed.

    Scenario Questions

    1. Your friend is asking you to spawn in some items for them. What do you say?

    I would tell them that it is against the rules, and that rules, however frustrating they may seem, are not meant to be broken. I would then try my best to help them get these items in a way that is not cheating.

    2. You see a few of our players having a disagreement. How do you approach this situation?

    I access the situation and see what is being said between the players. If the disagreement becomes too much I warn the players to take it to private chat. If the disagreement escalates far too much then I warn then once more and from there if they continue then I would mute them for however long needed, depending on the severity of the disagreement.

    3. You notice another staff member abusing their permissions in some way. What do you do next?

    I would take note of exactly what is happening, and how this staff member is abusing their permissions. Then I gather evidence, (screenshots, videos, etc.) then I send this proof to a higher ranked staff member, particularly an Owner, Admin, or Sr.Mod.

    4. Somebody is asking you a question in chat but you don’t know the answer. What is your next step?

    I would apologize for not knowing the answer. I would then tell them that I will try to figure out the answer to their questions, but it is not a guarantee. So I will then look for the answer online or even with other Staff Members in case they would know the answer.

    5. You have punished someone on the server, they're now calling you abusive. How do you react?

    I would approach the situation by going over what rules they broke, and the exact punishments we are supposed to give players that break those rules. If they still believed that I was abusive, I would give them a link to make an appeal, and possibly direct them to a higher up so they can help with the situation.

    6. Something has happened on the server and everyone is spamming and freaking out. What do you do?

    I would notify higher staff, and while I would be waiting for them to come online, I would handle the situation the best I can by asking players to refrain from spamming and ask them to message me on Discord so I can better understand the situation, and how to handle it.


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