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    Hey everyone!

    As mentioned in our Discord server, Survival 1 has been under renovation for a few months. It is now officially up and running for everyone to play on again!

    So, what's up in Survival 1?

    New Spawn
    There is a new spawn staff created themed around everyone’s favorite cyan-haired girl! We’re sure you all will enjoy it. It comes with plenty of cool features, like animal farms and a brand new tutorial.

    Receiving loot from voting for the server is currently disabled on Survival 1, this won’t affect receiving loot on Survival 2. We’ll make an update in our #server-updates discord channel to when voting is fixed.

    Connecting to Survival 1
    To connect to Survival 1, you will need to be in 1.14.4. This is the last of our servers to be updated, so now all servers are accessible on 1.14.4!

    Survival Donators
    If you have previously bought a rank here at LGBT Empire, your rank should still be intact. If you’ve donated in the time Survival 1 has been down, your rank will transfer when you log on. If you have any donation issues, please file a report in Donation Issues so we can address it in a timely manner.

    What has changed?
    There is a new shop plugin! This one was entirely coded for 1.14.4, so it should be more stable. For a tutorial on how to create shops, visit /warp mall or /shop guide!

    There is a tutorial for new players at /warp StartHere! There are also Miku Tips that go into more depth around the server. Look for them all around spawn!

    So what is happening with 1.15?
    Good question! We currently don’t have any plans for updating immediately. Since this update is to fix lag and other issues, we want to be sure that 1.15 solves the problem instead of making it worse! At the earliest, we will update late January/early February, but we might take as long as it takes for Mojang to release the final version of 1.15.

    Note: The shop plugin is freshly out of beta testing, so if you have any bugs, please report them in the bug reports section of our forums or in our discord channel!

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