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The 1.18 Update and LGBT Empire


Hello! As most of you are probably aware by now, 1.18 is stated to release on the 30th of November. This is the more major release of the Caves and Cliffs update that was announced by Mojang earlier this year. Caves and Cliffs is introducing some drastic but well overdue terrain updates to the game.

Last week, Spigot announced the pre-release of 1.18 software for servers. This is the first time they've actually released their software ahead of Mojang, which is a good indicator that 1.18 will be available for public servers sooner than initially predicted. As such and rightfully anticipated by much of you, we will be going forward with a server reset for 1.18.

Only ranks (with the exception of legacy donation ranks) and punishment information will sustain as we reset and update to 1.18. All other data like player balances and builds will be wiped.

Until 1.18 is stable for production servers and major plugins are updated, the server will remain online and available to play as it is currently.

We will keep you informed as we progress with updating Empire to 1.18. If you have any suggestions or ideas for the 1.18 update, we encourage you to post them here on the forums within the suggestions category.

We're excited to make the new server for 1.18 and appreciate all of you who have contributed to our current world over the past few years. Thanks all :)

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