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The Future of LGBT Empire

Hello everyone!

We hope you have all been staying safe ever since the outbreak of COVID-19. We are very pleased to announce our current plans for updating LGBT Empire. It has undoubtedly been a long time coming, and we are at a point where we are able to finally update the server for all of you! We are very excited about all these changes and we hope that you all are, too. There is currently no ETA on when these updates will be finished, but rest assured that we have been working on them for over a week before this announcement, so we have already brought our relaunch date closer. Though the updates we have planned are exclusively focused on performance and stabilization for a better gameplay experience, a lot of our updates are also focused on revamping the look and feel across the network.


For starters, if you haven't noticed already, the forums are getting a completely new look! We wanted to get away from the plain and boring look that we've dealt with for so long. On a more technical side of things, website performance will be increased tenfold as these updates are pushed.

So, why is this if the forums aren't even used that often? Well, that's exactly why! For a long time, we have been wanting a more effective way of seeing all of your ideas and suggestions as well as any possible bug reports. Before this update, this was more focused on Discord rather than the forums, and this way of interacting with all of you was very unorganized and, quite frankly, hard to do. With this website update, we intend on transferring our community to the forums so that we can have much better community engagement than ever before. This is especially important to us, as it goes without saying that you guys are essentially the backbone of LGBT Empire. Without any of you, we wouldn't exist!


Due to transferring the community from Discord to the forums, we will be removing a lot of unnecessary channels. Instead of using Discord, these channels will be available as sections here on the forums! This will allow for much more organization and ease of communication. This is a huge part of bringing our community together. We want everybody and anybody to be able to interact with others in the community, and we strongly feel that Discord is preventing this. A majority of players mute their Discord servers simply because all the notifications are annoying. Other people avoid Discord all together because of how unorganized and it is and how hard it makes communication.

We feel that eliminating a lot of Discord's "bulk" and keeping the channels limited to a few will bring us all that much closer together. Updates will still be posted on the Discord, but these will simply be synopses and instead link to the appropriate news post. We hope you all take this opportunity to make an account on the forums, and if you haven't already, start posting and engaging with others!


Next, we are very happy to announce that we will finally support 1.15.2! This comes with great anticipation for a few reasons, including OptiFine and CIT support. It goes without saying that these two changes were already enough to warrant an update, but to make this update even more worthwhile, we took it a step further.

In addition to these changes, the server will be given a complete backend overhaul. It's no secret that ever since 1.13, performance has been a very big issue across all Minecraft servers, not just LGBT Empire. We have therefore taken this opportunity to make significant backend changes to do our best to mitigate stabilization issues. Though we are confident that the changes we've implemented will significantly improve stabilization, it's very hard to tell without having players actively playing. This is where all of you come in! After we relaunch the server, we will constantly be monitoring and tweaking the server to ensure that your gameplay experience is the best it can be. During this timeframe, we ask all of you to please be patient with us! Our intent is simply to ensure the best possible gameplay experience, not to deprive you of any enjoyment.

We also added tags! Tags are prefixes in-game that you can equip. These tags are meant to identify an achievement or can simply be just for fun, and it's one of many things we're excited about. Thanks to this new addition, you will also now be able to request tags. If you ever have a fun or creative idea for a tag, simply post it in the appropriate section and if we think that everyone will love it, we'll add it! This not only allows for community engagement but also a way for all of you to affect somebody else's experience. Whether your tag is made to be funny or made to identify an achievement, you'll be able to see it all around the server!


Out of all the changes we've introduced throughout this update, this one is the one we're most excited for. As mentioned previously, it goes without saying that you, the players, are the backbone of this community. Even though all of the changes we've made throughout this update were done with you in mind, this one was especially important for us to get right!

Hub is the server that everybody connects to when they join. Before this update, players were simply meant to join and then right-click on the specific game mode they want to play. While planning out the changes we wanted to make during this update, we asked ourselves: why? Why is it just expected that players go directly to a game mode? Why can't they hang around the hub, especially after a long or stressful day, just to unwind before playing their favorite game mode? We couldn't come up with a good enough excuse. Players shouldn't be expected to go directly to a game mode or be unable to unwind after a long or stressful day. They should be able to do both of these things as well as having some fun!

As a result of this revelation, we have been very meticulous in setting up the hub to be a fun and enjoyable experience. A hangout spot, even. We have reintroduced one of our older spawns that we personally loved due to the ability to explore and allow your mind to wander. In addition, we added a fun, but challenging parkour course as well as some amazing cosmetics that you can play around with! We won't go into a lot of detail with this post as we want it all to be a surprise, but just know that a huge chunk of our time was dedicated to making hub so much more fun. We sincerely hope all of you love hanging out on it much as we did setting it up!


As mentioned above, we have put a lot of time and effort into improving server performance to allow for a much more enjoyable gameplay experience. Due to centering this entire update around this, we have come to the sad realization that it's time to say goodbye to Survival-1.

We put a lot of thought and consideration into doing something so significant and ultimately decided that it would the best decision in the long run. The sheer size of Survival-1's world was completely overwhelming the server and we sadly couldn't keep up. As we introduced version updates, these issues became more and more of an issue and, in the end, we had to split the original Survival server in half. This is why Survival-1 and Survival-2 exist.

We understand that a lot of you had builds there that you put a lot of time and effort into, and we would like to try and meet you halfway because of that. After this update launches, the management team will still have access to Survival-1's world for one month. During this timeframe, we will offer the option for you to fill out a form to get a schematic of your build. In addition, we will also be writing a tutorial on how you can use these schematics in-game as blueprints on Survival-2. One month after the update launches, we will be completely deleting the world and you will no longer be able to request schematics, so act quickly!

Please note that we will not be transferring funds, crates, or any other items from Survival-1 over to Survival-2. The only thing accessible after this update will be the world. We hope you understand and trust us enough when we say that this was better for LGBT Empire in the long run.


Rest assured that Survival-2's world will be left intact and no progress will be lost. Builds, funds, crates, and any other items will be the exact same before the server went into maintenance. We do have a lot of exciting additions, however!

First and foremost, we noticed that something uprooted near the graveyard: a brand new spawn! Needless to say, you will be very well-sheltered from the weather. While you're here, why don't you check out the shop around back? Here, you'll find items you might be looking for, including various building blocks and items to protect yourself at night. We decided that since the server was getting an updated hub, we shouldn't leave Survival-2 out!

A fun and challenging parkour course has been introduced thanks to the new spawn. We noticed that a lot of players seem to enjoy parkour overall, and we do, too! Albeit a minor addition, we hope that all of you will enjoy doing it as much as we did building it.

Next, we have also introduced mcMMO! If you're unfamiliar with this, mcMMO essentially offers a more worthwhile playing experience. Doing everyday Minecraft things such as fighting mobs, planting crops, mining, and just about anything else, you're able to level up various skills to get special abilities to make your gameplay experience much more in-depth and exciting! Being a personal favorite of ours, we were very happy to finally introduce this to Survival-2.

In addition, we also have a brand new marketplace where you can build your own player shops! We know that the mall was especially popular on Survival-1, so we felt that it was only appropriate to have one on here, too. In this marketplace, you will be able to make your own shop and sell your own items. This could include player heads, enchanted items, or anything else you have in mind. We can't wait to see what creative items you all come up with!

Finally, we have updated crate rewards! A lot of you were saying that we should make the crate rewards better, and we listened. Opening crates now offer much better and worthwhile rewards. We put a lot of planning into rewards and we are finally at a point where we can say that we're happy with them. This isn't about us, though! We are constantly looking for feedback and new suggestions from our players and we very much encourage you to post any and all you might have in the appropriate section. We will constantly be combing through these suggestions for new and exciting ideas to implement, so there's always a very good chance that your idea could be added!

To wrap up Survival-2's updates, a much less gameplay effecting, but necessary change will be put in place. Due to the departure of Survival-1, Survival-2 will now simply be considered Survival from here on out. Any future updates and suggestions will be considered Survival updates and suggestions, not Survival-2 ones. This is simply to ensure no confusion since Survival-1 no longer exists.


Like Survival-1, Creative will also be removed.

Simply put, not a lot of players were active on this game mode and it was adding onto performance issues for no good reason. We realize that some of you used this game mode to plan out builds for Survival, but there just weren't enough people doing this to warrant keeping it. This is way more efficient way for you in the long run! It's impossible to be on two different game modes at once on the server, so hopping back and forth between game modes just to reference your build wasn't the best way to go about this. Instead, you will be able to have a single-player world loaded where all you have to do is switch tabs or look between screens to reference your build. No logging out and no trying to memorize what you need to build!

New Server

If you realized that we skipped over the fact that Creative was often used for build competitions, this is why.

We are excited to announce the addition of the Events server to LGBT Empire! This server will be used to host build competitions as well as any other future events. But we need your help! We're not sure what kind of events you guys would be interested in playing or what rewards to give out, so we need your feedback. We encourage you to leave any and all of your event ideas in the appropriate section so our event team can comb through them and pick ones that they believe would be the most fun! This is another way of engaging with our wonderful community and showing you that we really do appreciate all of you. We can't wait to host some amazing events for all of you!

  • Website
    • Update theme​
    • Add performance tweaks
  • Discord
    • Transfer community to forums​
    • Remove channels
  • Global
    • Update to 1.15.2​
    • Add performance tweaks​
    • Add requestable custom prefixes called tags
  • Hub
    • Update spawn​
    • Add parkour course​
    • Add cosmetics menu
  • Survival-1
    • Remove server​
    • Create a form for requesting schematics
  • Survival-2
    • Update spawn​
    • Add parkour course​
    • Add server shop​
    • Add mcMMO​
    • Add player shops​
    • Add marketplace for player shops​
    • Update crate rewards​
    • Rename to Survival
  • Creative
    • Remove server
  • New Server
    • Create Events server​


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