The Gay Games - Season 4 Final Contestant Progression

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    This is the final and official progression chart for the contestants of Season 4 of The Gay Games.


    The contestant won the challenge.
    SAFE: The contestant was safe and moved on to the next challenge.
    BTM2: The contestant was one of the 2 worst of the challenge, and was up for elimination from the competition.
    ELIM: The contestant was eliminated.
    ADV: The contestant advanced to the Grand Finale.
    GUEST: The contestant was invited back to the finale.
    MX. C: The contestant was awarded the title of Mx. Congeniality, decided upon by Jamie and last season's Mx. C
    RUNNER-UP: The contestant made it to the Grand Finale, but finished 2nd overall.
    WINNER: The contestant won Season 4 of The Gay Games.

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