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    Minecraft Username: thirsty_plant
    Previous Username(s): n/a
    Discord Username/Numbers: thirstyplantman#6421
    Timezone and Country: PST USA
    Age: 19
    Referral from a current staff member (Must include screenshots):
    staff recomendation.PNG
    Are you able to record and upload to Youtube: Yes.
    Past Punishments: None.
    Why are you applying?: I enjoy helping people on the server a lot and I would also love to be a bigger part of the LGBTEmpire's community.

    Any past experiences?: I've never been on staff in a Minecraft server, but I have moderated a friend's Twitch channel for about a year.

    Scenario questions:

    1. Your friend is asking you to spawn in some items for them. What do you say?

    I'd say no because it defeats the purpose of being in a survival server, but also because it'd be unfair to other people. I would however, offer to help them find the items in the wild or see if I already have some of said items.

    2. You see a few of our players having a disagreement. How do you approach this situation?

    I would kindly tell them to drop the argument, or suggest they move it to direct messages instead. Then try to change the subject of the chat to something more positive.

    3. You notice another staff member abusing their permissions in some way. What do you do next?

    I'd contact another staff member to ask if they've noticed the staff member in question abusing their permissions. Also if it's possible to, I'd try to get some screenshots or evidence that the staff member was abusing their powers.

    4. Somebody is asking you a question in chat but you don’t know the answer. What is your next step?

    If I don't know the answer and Google hasn't been a huge help, I would give them the extent of my information on the subject. Then I would ask another staff member or the public chat (if the question isn't of a sensitive nature) to see if anyone else knows the answer.

    5. You have punished someone on the server, they're now calling you abusive. How do you react?

    I would keep calm and impartial because getting angry wouldn't help the situation. If they don't understand why I've punished them, then I would give a deeper explanation of it and if they wanted to appeal it they could message management about it.

    6. Something has happened on the server and everyone is spamming and freaking out. What do you do?

    Try to help everyone calm down and stop the spamming by asking politely. If I have information on the event, then try to give an explanation of what's happened/happening and say that staff is working on it, to help ease everyone's nerves. If I'm the only staff on at the time, I would also alert the rest of staff to what's happening.
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